Friday, April 25, 2008

some thoughts, and what i been doing.....

1st, i been thinking of maybe restarting my blog..... not sure and if i do, it wont be as regular as it once was.....

2nd, i been playing MTTs and even though i ran shitty this month, i been doing ok.... but my BR is def shrinking, mainly due to taking more out than im making.

i changed my playing time to earlier in the day since im not working. i begin registering 11:30am - noon PST, and register till 3pm most of the time. this way i play at the beginning of my day instead at end of the day. so far i like this, even though the schedule isnt as good.

my current plans are, if i can build my roll a bit , i want to extend my schedule 2-3 hours longer.... because as of now im only playing about 5-6 hours a day, i think i can do 3 more hours and get a lot more tourneys in. but currently right now, it seems like im am cursed in the bigger buy ins and have been taking tons of sick beats, but doing well in the smaller buy ins.... i want to get over that 1st.

3rd, i been considering taking a week off from MTTs because of my horrible month and maybe play sngs. my main issue with sngs at this point, i tried to play some while playing MTTs, and i was catching myself making a ton of errors.. hard for me to play separate styles with 8-11 tables going.

4th, if i have to i can switch back to sngs or even 1/2nl and make more money (easily) than im making now... and i may have to, but i really hope not. but cash games and sngs are very monotonous, and start to drive me nuts after a while... and i really enjoy playing MTTs, so i really want this to work.

5th, i miss rakeback... it is barely anything when playing MTTs.


even though im running shitty, i did have 2 wins this month...and last month was great, with 14 final tables.... for comparison, only 5 final tables this month.

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$mokkee said...

i have the same problem running MTT's and cash games. better to just focus one one game variation. at least for me.