Friday, September 19, 2008

the 30r i won earlier in the month...

today again sucked, i even took an extra day off this week... running bad losing all my recent profits.... really blows. standard.

i decided to post the full HH of the 30r i won earlier in the month, there are a few mistakes but overall i really felt i played this tourney good. the spots i am very aggressive are prob bubbles of sorts. i have a nice stack through most of the tourney.

Click here to view a larger version.

questions and comments are welcome.

glgl (im off again tomorrow)


sprstoner said...

if for some reason you cant get the "click for bigger version" link to work (try logging into pxf 1st then clicking the link), here is the actual HH link:

sprstoner said...

here ya go

DukeMuscle said...

Dude, I love how you posted all of your hands in the same animation. Thats sweet!

vladb said...

good play stoner!

basically a tight, solid play not overly aggressive in the early stages type of game. You even had your share of river beats there (like that AJs vs A5) but it's not so bad to get those when you have more chips to spare.