Saturday, August 30, 2008

my new setup...

i used for mods for my tables on both ftp and stars. as you can see my buttons are bright red so they stick out. i also have about 10 backgrounds that came with them, im still not sure which i like best, or if i should have one color for stars and one for ftp.

i also use bright yellow cards and a bright red button, so i don't miss action.

i am using a few scripts that i found on 2p2 and/or overcards. before you use any of these scripts you 1st need to install AHK. you can read a little about it here.

1st is stars planner. this script is awesome, i love it.

say you play up to 15 tables from both ftp and stars, and sometimes they pop up under another one and you miss it for a while and blind down. well stars planner will send all your tables to predetermined spots and they cant share a spot, and you can tell it what spot to fill when... and if you want to move the tables, just drop one on top of another and they switch. it is so awesome because it works with both stars and ftp tables... although you must program it with all stars tables. stars planner has a few other features too, which i don't use.

stars urgent table is another awesome script.

this is what puts the big red box around the most urgent table you see in my screen shot. and you can customize it to be a thicker or thinner red box. it will also move your mouse to the urgent table if you like (i turned that off). it will click the time banks automatically as well.

i am using the beta version (not publicly released) of urgent table, because it is a little more user friendly and will highlight full tilt tables too, although at this point in time it doesn't click ftp's time bank, but is supposed to down the road. there is something like this made just for ftp, but it crashes my PC for some reason, and it costs money.

i been using holdem manager, which is way better than pt3 (not even close) mainly just for hud stats.

and the last script i use is the opener. this isnt really poker related i guess, but just makes starting in the morning a lil easier. it will open every thing with one click. i have it set to open my excel file with my poker stats, holdem manager, stars, ftp, and 3 scripts (the 3rd one is a quick back ground changer for stars, so i can have different back grounds on different tables if i like). a lot of ppl will have this highly customized to do different mods and stuff to auto install, i really just plan on sticking with what i got i think.


i recently added a new script that clicks the time bank on FTP for me... it doesn't work all the time, sometimes it misses tables, not sure why or if it will (or can) be fixed to perfection, but definitely better than nothing.

everlong (i think) made this script. FTP auto time bank clicker or the source link.


Anonymous said...

SCTrojans now on my slowroll list

Slowroll List:



lucko said...

drome once slowrolled Aces on me pre, I might have been mad except he hit the rail about 20 seconds later when I hit my set.

stoner- we need to talk about that setup, looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Stoner do you full tilt short cuts?

here is the link in case you don't
I highly recomend it

sprstoner said...

i wont use ftp shortcuts, it would be awesome if it worked, but it crashes my very high end PC (vista), and it isn't worth having to to 5 cold reboots everyday.

i bought it, and they wouldn't help me with support, it is a shitty company and they can fuck themselves.

Anonymous said...

wow, I never had anything close to problems like that, It has to be ur PC I've used it on 3 PCs, but anyway, good luck at the tables

luv ur blog