Sunday, August 31, 2008

few things....(NSFW?)

i got a few shitty final tables today, a 4th and a 9th. :( i made $1900 profit on the day so i cant really complain much.

feels good to be running better and to be making money, i hope it last a while.

because i started doing good the last few days, i think i might put off quitting MTTs for a while, i will let it depend on tomorrow. if i make money tomorrow i will keep playing them for a while... if i don't, i will play 45 mans for at least 1 month.


douche bag of the day....

here is what he was saying to me after he slowplayed kk and folded to my cbet with an A high flop during rebuy hour... i did tell him i had JJ:

SCTrojans: KK os fkin obv
SCTrojans: wtf
SCTrojans: jfasdlkjfdlask
SCTrojans: wtf
SCTrojans: ajfsdlkfalksdf
sprstoner: jj
SCTrojans: kfjjk
SCTrojans: alfdlkj
SCTrojans: fajklfadslkjfD
sprstoner: glad no shove pre
SCTrojans: you are the type of 100r semi regular that when you are at my table i just salivate
SCTrojans: or w/e u spell that word
sprstoner: obv im terrible

oh well... he makes my slowroll list.


and i found a bargain hooker... only in vegas for a lil while... not the best looking but not bad and just turned 19 and she is like $200.

her site

this girl is a bit more but probably worth it, and i think she is always in vegas.

this porn star is in vegas now, and advertised an all inclusive porn star experience for $400... might be interesting...

prob my last choice though, once i looked at all her pics.


Loretta8 said...

wow those hookers look solid

and wtf is the deal with sctrojans, definitely worthy of douchebag of the day

OhComeOn said...

He got me once too. That dude is a f'n clown. His MO is slow rolling brother.

Fuck him.

Anonymous said...

MYO porn... man i gotta visit vegas :)

D said...

Taylor told me she will be back in Vegas in a week or so..... nice find!!

D said...

Taylor told me she will be back in Vegas in a week or so..... nice find!!