Wednesday, August 27, 2008

very frusterating day, obv.... but a big score too...

i got bad beat out of big stacks in 3 awesome tourneys with 27-33 players left... just sick... the sickest beat had a 22k 1st place too. i always want to say "just if i..", because it seems like i should have some super sick days, but i never do.

im almost busto in my stars account for like the 4th time in the last few months, i think im done refilling it.

also, im gonna play out the rest of the month and im quitting MTTs. i just am not good enough to over come the non-stop bad beats and coolers.

i mean i been running real shitty in the 45 mans too, i had about a 60% roi for the 1st 500 played, and the last 150 or so pulled my roi down to the high 20s. but i don't need to win 400 showdowns to win one, so at this point the plan will be to play those 10 hours a day and see what happens.

i mean if i can get 35 played a day, which i should be able to do... but i will probably have to fill in blank spots with the $26s too, because the $75s fill to slow. but i think i can get 35 $75s a day.

35 x $75 = $2625
15 x $26 = $390

$3015 x 25% = $753.75


35 x $6 = $210 x 27% = $56.70
15 x $2 = $30 x 27% = $8.10

soooooooo.... if this is reasonable, and im not sure it is.... i can be making $818 a day playing those.

by looking at my sharkscope, you would think it is reasonable, but who knows.


anyways i made the final table of the $216 turbo 30k guaranteed on full tilt today...

started off with a descent stack, and played good i think, but again i just couldn't get the job done heads up.

definitely a nice cash though, feels refreshing after the nasty week i just had.

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$mokkee said...

$8k cash in a sicko $200 turbo MTT definitely helps the cause.

nice one