Saturday, August 16, 2008

last ~4 days....

anyways i took yesterday and today off... i needed a few days as i just played like 8 straight 12 hour days and was exhausted.

had some terrible days.... very terrible. and some ok days. what sucks is the 45 mans are going sooo bad, they are making my bad MTT days worse, and making my good MTT days ok. i bet im 0 for my last 35 of them, and at $75 a pop, that is nasty.

anyways i got a shitty 5th in this $109 on stars.. think it was Wednesday... i forgot to snap the lobby, and wasn't planning on bragging about a 5th, since i only profited $280 that day... but the 5th was worth $3600.

i think it was thursday, i had a sick 1st table in the 50r on stars, and not only that, but for about the 1st half of the rebuy period it was basically an all in and a call every hand.

unfortunately for me i was catching big hands and getting dominated or losing flips. i had QQ, KK JJ, AK, AK, JJ, and only won once and i sucked out with my last JJ vs QQ. was my worst 50r ever, i should had just quit.

Thursday i made the 50 1r (or 50 cubed as ppl been calling it). with 11 left i was the short stack with 5 BBs, and i shoved utg and got the blinds, at the same time the other short stack busted.

at which point i decided im not going to blind out, and im just gonna shove pretty much every hand im 1st in, so i can get some chips or bust 10th. 9th place guy had at least double the chips i had. i just kept getting the blinds, no one called, and i built up a bit before the FT.

EDIT: maybe i had doubled too looking at my stack.. though i don't remember doubling... im gonna watch the HH tonight i think.

i was chipping up nicely, obv a resteal monkey shoved into a big hand and i held.

when we got to 4 handed we played forever, and the tight guy to my left finally built a stack and started RRing all of my opens so i started struggling. i did suck out in a big pot once.

i was the short stack 3 handed...

then i started catching cards, and the new guy to my left tightened up a lot, i raised his blind every time gb didn't raise the button, and gb kept giving me walks because he thought i was reshipping him light (i wasn't, just happened to be good timing with my big hands).

so i chipped up a lot...

we get HU and only one person can possibly blow this...

he was shoving a ton so i finally called him down....i guess i missed the river card in my screen shot, but obv i missed, and his suck out held.

now he is chipping up a bit... he kept shoving my opens and my RRs, this time i put him all in and he called me down...... so he sucked out again... actually he just basically won 2 flips obv, but i rather say sucked out so i can feel sorry for myself.. lol

i was trying not to, but he was making me play big pots... :(

soooo, i get yet another 2nd... i get way to many 2nds.. so gay....


you might notice my tables look different... im changing both my ftp and my stars tables. mainly to make it easier to multi-table...

i started looking into it, because of last ftp update i been timing out a lot more on ftp. i think we just have less time to hit the time button.

i bought my mods actually, i dont have time to do this myself, check out this awesome site.

once i get my tables finished i will post them....

i am also learning scripts to auto push time buttons and highlight the most urgent tables.

also looking into scripts, i found a few other cool things i will post more about later, once i test them in a full action day.

i also heard holdem manager has a feature to color code your stars players... that should be sick... im def gonna give them a try now... fuck PT3. i been meaning to anyways, just been lazy... DLed it a few weeks, just never installed it.


also something strange happened.... i found a good p5s thread... yes it took like 4 years but i finally found one!

newbie p5s FAQ.


ok.... im definitely playing tomorrow... glgl all.

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