Sunday, September 28, 2008

thoughts on last few days....

the reason im not making money in MTTs is obv to me i think (lol). since my last post i had 10 finishes in the final 18, but only 2 were final tables and 1 was an 8th.

this is completely unacceptable, i know lately i been getting coolered and bad beat a lot but still even before i seemed to finish just outside of the final table a lot.

i mean if im average of the remaining players i should have a 50% rate to get from final 18 to final 9 right? this had got to be where im fucking up, though im not sure what the fuck im doing wrong.

anyways, also since my last post, i had a few up days, nothing huge but better than negative.... been running good in the 45 mans again. a week ago i was break even in the 45 mans for the month and now im up 7k for sept in those. unfortunately for me, that isn't enough to make up my MTT losses, but i did blow a bunch in the WCOOP events like a retard knowing very well i wasn't rolled for them.

a lil good news i guess, i got a 2nd in a 6 max PLO tourney today. i been playing PLH, PLO, PLO/8, and just about anything tilt runs to fill space since going busto on stars.

back to the tourney i got 2nd in... i almost got 1st.... oh well (i also get to many 2nds and not enough 1sts).

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one more thing... im still not sure if im quitting MTTs yet.. lol i am pretty much addicted to them... guess ill give it 1 more week and go from there... unless i get brutally killed tomorrow. i just been getting so close to big scores (yesterday got pretty close to 2 separate FTs where 1st was over 20k)that they gotta be coming soon.

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