Thursday, September 11, 2008

good timing....

1st of all, i really feel im playing good lately. i am getting hyper aggressive when i can, i am slowing down as the table starts to tell me (not after i lose my stack), and i really feel im am reading the tables well and staying ahead of the curve.

so on Monday i build up a stack in the 30r on ftp, and with a few tables left, i was just abusing the fuck out of everyone, feels good to be the one running the table esp at critical points in the tournament.

it was great, because they never started playing back really, they just let me take and take and take.... was pretty awesome.

i did lose a descent sized pot shortly before the FT began.

once this final table started, i tried to control the action, but my 1st few opens i got re-popped and blinds went up then i found myself with a stack that limited my flexibility.

so sitting with about 20BBs, and ppl are reshoving me... so i try to either be patient and wait for a good hand, or reshove these fuckers myself.

i definitely ran into a problem and this made it very difficult for me. stacks to my right kept open shoving, so all i could do is call or wait. every ok hand, they shoved, and when they didn't my hands were so bad i wasn't getting involved.

at this point i really started struggling... and it got worse (sorry i only get shitty screen shots, i usually have 9-12 tables going). after this point, i basically blinded down, i was hovering between 5 and 12 BBs for a while.

5 handed or so i picked up a few pots and got back in it. once there was 4 left it was all over... they weren't gonna stop me... when they re-raised me i shipped it all in, when they opened i re-raised. some im just running good, and i was just really out playing them sick.

this was the most comfortable and confident i have ever been at a short handed final table... i knew i was gonna win, without a doubt.

feels awesome to play great, to run good, and to completely dominate.

but things really weren't as good as they appeared. remember i play a ton of tournaments a day, and lots of sngs as well. that day was terrible... super shitty...

after that win i was still down for the day, but fortunately at the end of the day i won a 45 sng and either a 3rd or 4th in another, and i ended the day making a $945 profit.

this is a sick fucking game, i hate the swings, and i was thrilled to not have a -$5k day, so this was huge. just not as awesome as it looks at 1st.


so i took Tuesday off like i do most weeks, and played Wednesday, which for me is today, i finished up a few hours ago.

i started the day with $1800 on stars, i made my daily buyins and half way through the day i don't have enough to make my rebuys, so i hopped on aim to get me a bailout transfer.

i decided that since no one i talk to regularly has much money on stars, as they traded most out already to me and a few others that fail on stars; i just must quit, i mean how the fuck do i get money on the site. esp the amount to play my schedule. it wont be easy.

sooo, i decided after today, i guess im done with stars until someone i know hits a big score and can afford some transfers (probably some time after wcoop). that is unless i win some money today.

i actually started the day off just about as bad as you can imagine, i rebought a ton in the rebuys, and then busting early in everything.. AA wont hold and i run into AA like there is no tomorrow, you all been there many times im sure.

except for the 10r, some how (cant even remember) i built a nice stack early, think i had 50k towards the end of the 2nd hour.

the last half of the day i had several great shots, i had huge stacks in the nightly $55 70k on stars and a descent stack in the ftp 50-50, was deep in the ftp 30r, and prob a few others.

towards the end of the day i also won a few 45 mans which was awesome... and im still killing the 10r.

we are real deep in the 10r and its just like the 30r, except i am getting played back at a little... but over all i was raping them sick, had a very nice CL. and just felt good about myself and my game.

with 2 tables left, i was just running over them sick and they started making big mistakes when i had hands. unfortunately for me, i got sucked out on 3 times with about 15 ppl left in a 10 min stretch.

thankfully i had chips to sustain this, but i was down to 11-17 BBs for a bit. i then got lucky and won a nice pot where i held verses 2 players. and even though it didn't give me a lot of chips, and gave me enough to at least have a tiny bit of flexibility (like 1 or 2 light opens maybe).

anyways as we got to the final table, i played my stack up again. i did take a few more beats at the final table, but i did win like 4 flips on the way to rebuilding my stack.

anyways i got 2nd and still get to play stars for a while.

i have had great results in the 10Rs on stars, i made a final table 3 times with the smallest field being ~1600 ppl and have gotten a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd.

although the stars payouts are all fucked up now days, its still a nice payday.

soon before i got this 2nd i busted with 3 tables left in the ftp 30r and soon after i busted from both the stars 70k and the ftp 50k :(.

now i just need to win the 50r tomorrow and have a nice comfy roll on stars. or maybe win a wcoop...


i got pretty deep in last sundays wcoop, i really wish i could afford to play some more events... i feel a huge score coming. maybe i can sat into a few.

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