Monday, March 16, 2009


i been playing a bit a live poker lately, still just tourneys though.

i cashed 5 of my last 6 live tourneys, the most recent was the 2k buy in at the wynn classic for 39k.

i plan on playing the 10k event at the wynn tomorrow (monday at noon), buy in is 10,200, and im selling off as much as i can since the buy in is to much for me.

if you want a piece let me know, im selling at cost since i wont have extra expenses. i will not be selling at cost for my future tourneys though, i think i deserve a bit more. but for now thats what it is.

im sprstoner on both sites.

i need to have the money by 10 am my time if you want in. i know its short notice, sorry.


also had a few decent online scores lately....


soon i want to make a post of things i have learned in my recent live play....

gl all.


lj said...

nice job lately, kiu!!

spritpot said...

nice scores, gl @ the wynn!

lucko said...

I can't wait for the day that winning $16k on line is a footnote to my post.

So fucking sick.