Saturday, August 15, 2009


in case you guys didnt notice, i kinda quit my blog.

im obv not gonna delete it, and i may start posting in it again in the future,and maybe a once and a while random post now.

it took a lot of time and work (i am very lazy) to post regularly and good, i dont want to post a lot and just be another shit blog, rather not post :).

anyways i will still get my comments, they are forwarded to my email.



MackemPlus1 said...

A sad, sad day for us all :(

ferocious kitty said...


Some of us (me) like reading it even if the post arent epic.

Maybe make it a mostly hooker kinda card blog?

Anonymous said...

Screw you! Don't start blogging in Jan/Feb and beg for us to buy a piece of you for the WSOP. NO BLOG, NO SUPPORT!

lj said...

by your criteria i think you quit an average of 5x a year