Sunday, November 05, 2006

a few things to discuss.....

i was still running very bad in sngs.. didnt loose nearly as much, but about maybe another 2500 or so, so i quit again. i didnt play any majors today, but played a few MTTs today... i am going to play MTTs all week until friday or so, should be a good change of pace... plus they are more fun anyways...

but before i get to far into that lets look at a few hands i saved 1st from sngs.

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i thought this was a good call, but i was wrong after looking it up on sngpt.

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questionable call? i play this guy a lot, and he is kinda bad player.... and i thought for a while before calling... just had a feeling, because he does this to me to much...


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interesting hand... is this a bad play? i really dont think i should be risking all my chips so early... but i also didnt expect him to call with nothing. i had to figure to have a lot of outs plus fold equity.. right? im not sure what i should had done , the flop bet is to much to just call. and this hand is to big to fold, isnt it?


i played the blogger big gmae today, and took 1st out of 22 for $718.50 , i bubbled 2 other tourneys so this was the only one i cashed. i ended the day up $366

here is an awesome call i made...

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Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

congrats on the win, and yeah, that was a great call. cya in a couple of weeks.

cmitch said...

Great call - guess I should have pushed the turn. I played the flush draw a little weak, but figured I might be able to get you to fold with the smallish bet (relative to the pot) making it look like I wanted a call. I was pretty sure that you didn't have anything, but I thought an all-in bet would look to much like a missed draw.

What would you have done on the river if I shoved?

GG - nice win.

sprstoner said...

hard to say what i would had done if you pushed the river, obv i put you on a missed flush draw, and i had chips to call.... so i might had called still.. but hard to say without being in that spot.

gg guys

lucko said...

+1 is 2 for 2 in the Blogger Big Game, we own that thing. Let's try to make it 3 for 3 next time out. Great job!

And hang in there, a big score is coming. The tough couple weeks you have been through will end soon.

smokkee said...

Ace high is *GOLD*.

nice play on the last heads up hand. you recognized i was in push monkey mode. gg

Guin said...

Just found your blog... as you probably realized once we were three handed is that I am a noob compared to you and smokkee.

Looking forward to playing against you and reading on how to improve my SNG game from your blog.