Thursday, December 14, 2006

lucko came to town, and bloggers.

when people come to town and i play a lot live, i tend to ignore my blog a bit. i played the blogger tourney at caesars and did real shitty. then me and lucko went to the venetian $200 tourney later on that night. i busted in the 1st level, we had like $3.5k to start i think

i was in mid position, and everyone limped to me, i had AK clubs, so i make it 6 times the BB for $300. kid right behind me immediately made it $600, everyone else folds i call. flop was Qxx 2 clubs, i check he bets $800, i go all in.... he calls with JJ, and it held.

lucko also busted out early. we then went to the blooger think at IP for a few drinks. although we had been drinking for a while already.... we got to learn all about watches and blogs, kinda very boring, so we went downstairs to play drunk 1/2nl. lucko was super aggressive and i had position on him, i think i busted him 2 times with bottom pair.. heh. also busted smokkee who appears to tilt and get angry... heheh... i had a lot of fun.. it was awesome, i also doubled up like 4 ppl including smokkee, my stack was between 100 and 700 up and down the whole time,

when i had about $550, i had AK and raised preflop, some dude had limped in already, and he called. flop came AKx, he checks i bet, he calls, turn is a blank, he checks i bet , he calls. river is an A, he leads out for a 100, i push (he has me covered), he calls and i double with the nuts. he had something like AT.

but i lost a pot just as big at caesars a few days later when i flopped the nuts against some donkey who hit a running flush... he had flopped top pair. i had a straight. i always have horrible luck at caesars must be rigged for action there. hehe...

oh yeah, we also played the binions $340 tourney which is televised and you start with 6k and and it has a great blind structure. but we both busted early there too... i will prob play that more often... they also have it in a $600 buyin.
while at binions we played a little cash as well... they only had 1/2nl but they had guys buying in huge.. one dude sat with $8k. made things interesting... anyways, it was a fun weekend... a long weekend.. hehe.

oh yeah (again) i made a final table last night, but i didnt take any screenshots.. i got 4th.. kinda sucked... but i will take the $2400. lucko won the 100r last night for 25k, and my buddy from plus one, who is winning everything he touches right now, won the 100r 2 nights ago. i am a bit jealous, but very happy for then, they both really deserved a huge win.


lucko said...

I had a great time in Vegas, can't wait to do it again!

Great job with 2 final tables in 2 days!

smokkee said...

i never tilt. i just reload.