Tuesday, December 26, 2006

not much to write about

made another final table the other day, in the late FTP $150, 2nd time i have made that final table... i went out 9th... made 1 bad play that made me desparate early at the FT.... with 2 tables left i was chip leader and lost almost all my chips in a huge pot AK vs QQ i hit the K he hit the Q.... if i win that pot i dont think anyone could had done much to stop me... oh well... i have been really disgruntled lately, and tend to not write when i dont have good things to write about... lucko has talked me into playing less tables at a time, so im trying that, and if i dont snap out of my slump soon, i will go back to my very boring bread and butter sng games. i just dont want to.... i know im capable in MTTs and dont want to quit.

hopefully i will have something positive to write about soon.... gl all... hope everyone had a good christmas...

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