Thursday, January 04, 2007

back to the bread and butter...... SNGs

after christmas i started playing sngs again, and im making money most days.. i am playing mostly 100's. it feels good to win money most days instead of lose money most days.... i may play 1 MTT a day or none, i will prob still play some majors on sunday. ever since i quit sngs i have not done anything in the majors... weird, because i used to cash them regularly. i did make a lot of final tables in $100+ MTTs while i was playing them, enough that i shouldnt give up on them for good, but for a while at least. or maybe playing them fulltime was my problem.

i am gonna try to post my progress on here, weekly and monthly....


lucko said...

Nothing saying you can't do some mix of both. You obv dominate SNG's, but variety is good for us all.

And update the blog more fucker. Some interesting SNG hands and shit would be cool.

Flipfish said...

I agree with Lucko, more SNG hands.

I cheat though and check your blog after you post.