Saturday, January 06, 2007

totals since the 1st, and a few hands...

i played live no-limit 1/2 cash games and 1 $120 sng the past few nights at caesars and made $558... here are a few hands that i had thought about for a while... the 1st one is when i just sat down at the table 2nd or 3rd hand. there were a few limpers in the pot, so i limped in the cutoff with KJo the BB was an older lady with about $230 total. she made it $20, the others had folded, and i made a very loose call. flop came Kxx she led out for $40 and i called, turn was a blank. she had a real dissapointed look on her face and acted confused took a while and bet $40 again. i thought she was weak and maybe had QQ so i raised it $100 more.... she thought a while and pushed, i had to call something like $27 more..... she had AK... i felt very stupid losing so much with such a shitty hand. i now know a lot about her to make playing against her a lot easier.... i should not had made that raise without being at the table longer... so i made the play not really knowing anything about her.. uuuuuuugh. anyways i didnt get in any good pots with her the rest of the night and i prob wont see her ever again, but if i do, i know weak means strong, and a huge bet from the blinds is an AK type hand, which i should had thought to begin with anyways.... i made a bad read and went with it..... i guess i deserved to lose that money. i did leave the table up.. just barely. im retarded though...

the next hand i wanted to mention was a hand that happened the next day. i was in the BB with $1140 there were 2 other players at the table over $500 and the rest were short. it was limped in several spots i had QT and optioned to check. flop came AQT rainbow. i led out for $10, a calling station who has been drinking all day and likes to make funny minraises a lot just called, he was one the guys with over $500. turn was a 5, i led out for $25 and he made it $90. this was weird because he hasnt made a raise like this all night. i thought for a long time and was thinking about pushing, he has shown down a lot of very bad hands and was almost out of chips 15 min before and was on a hot little run. i asked him how much he had behind, because he had bills. he says what? you wanna play for all of this... lets go im ready... i again asked how much he had,and he said almost $400.... thought for a while, and he was begging me to play.... i finally folded figuring he could easily have AT, KJ or 55. after i folded he said i made a good lay down and proudly showed his Q5.

i dont really have any good sng hands, because today was a bad day and i quit early, but i did upgrade my sngPTs and checked on one hand that i was forced to do something i hated... i think.... lets see...

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i hate this because i really dont want to call but i felt i had too, so i did.

here is what sngPTs said with a range of: 22+,A2s+,A3o+,KTs+,KJo+,QJs

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so according to that, it is still a +$ev call, but close enough where calling and folding are both reasonable. dont pay attention to compute all in the above pic it was wrong and done with different values, it should say- Call hands: 33+,A8o+,A7s+,KQs (13.3%), if i changed the settings to chip EV, which i might supposed to be doing so far away from the money, i am not sure, but i need to look into that, but compute all then says- Call hands: 22+,A3o+,A2s+,KTo+,K6s+,QTo+,Q8s+,J9o+,J7s+,T9o,T7s+,96s+,86s+,76s,65s (34.2%)

now if we really think about it, dont we think his range is normally as lot higher than what i entered? i mean if i was him, i am pushing any 2 cards there, and he prob is as well... so lets see what sngPTs says about that.....

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in this one compute all is correct.... but if i change it to chip ev it changes to -Call hands: 22+,A2+,K2+,Q2+,J2+,T2+,92+,83o+,82s+,74o+,72s+,64o+,62s+,54o,52s+,43s (90.3%)

chip ev might be for mtts, im gonna asked someone so i know next time....

so after all that fun... (which i do have a lot of fun with sngPTs especially with the new upgrade where i can paste HHs instead of manually entering all the settings) i determined that in fact it was a call that i had to make even though i hated it.

TotalScience shows [5h Kc]
sprstoner shows [2h 2s]
*** FLOP *** [5s 6s Td]
*** TURN *** [5s 6s Td] [9d]
*** RIVER *** [5s 6s Td 9d] [Qs]

so for my results....
1st week and YTD:

live cash games: +$678
online cash games: 0
live sngs: (-$120)
online sngs: +$1,330
live MTTs: 0
online MTTs: (-$163)

total: +$1,725

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