Monday, January 29, 2007

mostly live 1/2nl -last week

1st part of last week i made $1823 playing sngs.... then a couple guys from theplusone came to town so i played live a bit with them...had a good time playing with both phil (mackem)and top2pear (donnie).

1st night playing live this week, we played the venetion. played the 8pm tourney, we all lost.... and played cash... players were definitely very bad... games were mostly loose passive, with the occasional guy willing to put $400 in the pot on the flop with just top pair....... won little over $130 that night in cash lost like 180 in the tourney.....

next day we played MGM also 1/2nl, i was a bluff box that day, i could not stop bluffing, but those guys paid me off with my monsters.... i doubled off the table's big stack, with set over set. new guy sat in, and didnt know i was a bluff box, so i bluffed him out of a $240 pot and showed him, since i knew i had to tighten up NOW anyways. he proceded to not fold another hand and blew about $500 in about 30 minutes.

next day at caesars.... i bought in for $500 playing 1/2nl. 2nd hand was a brutal hand, and i think i made a bad fold. utg limps, it was called, mid pos guy raises to $12, 1 caller, i call on button with 78. utg limper calls, flop was 678 with 2 hearts. utg led out for $35 every one folds to me, i made it $135.... UTG insta-pushed all in, and he had me covered. i thought forever and folded thinking he had 66 or an over pair, but more likely 66 i thought. after discussing the hand with kevin and ty, i think i might had made a bad fold. table got short and i moved to another table...

other table had worse players, and mackem was there too.... i built my stack back up to $500 when i lost a big pot... utg who is in a lot of pots and has been raising a descent amount opened for $12.... i was in late-mid pos with QQ i made it $35, button called, who just sat down 15 min ago, utg calls, flop was JTx rainbow... utg led out for $50 ( im not 100% sure on the details of this hand), i made it $150, button pushed for another $100 on top of my $150. utg folded, i felt i had to call knowing i was very likely way behind... i call he showed TT.

then the loose donkey sucked out on me for a few descent sized pots, and i played bad a little and found myself with $67 left, and mackem had just a lil more than a $100... we decided to go all in blind, but rest of table would not lets us... they werent going to fold,,, but then came a hand where utg limped in i raised blind, mackem didnt see utg had cards, and said heres our chance i havent looked either and pushed, before i could remind him "what if utg has a hand".... "oh, shit i didnt see him"...... he folded, i called, i had AT he had Kx, and hit the x... i=busto.

i went and had a few beers, was gonna leave, but i decided i didnt have enough poker so i went back in and bought in for $300 at a new table where mackem was also at... they broke the other table... built it up to $500 quickly then was too drunk.. blew about half flinging chips around, then ran into quads with my full house against a horrible player..... this table had several horrible players that were all friends. i = busto again.....

was about to leave when donkeys (who thought i was bad) begged me to stay... i finally decided ok even though it was very late... prob about 3am.... i work all day that day then got to casino at 4pm..... so i was tired... i stopped drinking and started ordering coffee.and bought in for $200 ,lost about $75, then ran it up to a little over $300... then the group of horrible players left... so we got up to leave.... mackem was asking me to stay i was going home it was like 4 am... but somehow he talked me into to playing a little more.

so we found our new table.. i built my stack up to almost $700 getting some dude to chase a draw and getting him to bluff when it missed on river, when a crazy hand came up, that everyone assured me i misplayed... i had every one covered except mackem, the players on each side of me had chips, and the rest were short. it was straddled, 1st guy to act calls, i call T9 diamonds, next person made it $20 it was called in several spots pricing me in. flop was 5h 6d 8d, 1st limper opened for $90... i made it $300, pre flop raiser took forever to fold what she later told me was JJ. super loose donkey instantly called, 2 other shoties called and flop opener took forever and folded 2 of my outs face up 77. i really thought people were going to fold, table has not been crazy. and only one guy was out of his mind retarded. the 1st caller (retarded guy) showed K3 diamonds, there goes the rest on my outs... not sure what other 2 guys had... turn was a 9 river was a 7d... BINGO.... thats my card... to bad everyone in the pot was short. but i added $400 to my stack, and what was going to be a horrible day turned out positive. i also got a $267 bonus for a high hand.

few hands later i had AK utg, i made it $11, mackem (who had $900+) made it $35, everone else folded, i then made it $140 and after a long time he folded QQ face up. i figured since we were both very deep, i had to RR here to find out very quick where i am at.... he doesnt want to risk his stack without a very strong hand.

grabbed a quick bite to eat and got home by 10:30 am....

so for the week
+1823 for online sngs
+1100 for live cash
-180 live mtt


smokkee said...

sounds like you had a good time. i'm gonna be in vegas this weekend for the superbowl (Fri/Sat/Sun). with all the donkeys heading there, it's too hard to pass up. a few of us are planning to play the noon $550 tourney at Venetian saturday. they have $130 single table satellites running fri night and sat morning before the tournament. stop by if you can.

lucko said...

On that hand, if you give him a pretty tight range you are barely getting the right price.

If you throw in a few naked flush draws over over pairs you are easily getting the right price.

If your read was that it was not a draw and this was a set or straight, then its not a bad fold.

Leftcoastman said...

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Can't figure where your JTX is...

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