Sunday, February 04, 2007

switching up & getting away from my bad run...

i ran horrible in sngs last week, and then i got killed in a live cash game.... sngs are getting much more difficult as the bad players cant reload easily... online poker is gonna start struggling games and MTTs are still fine it seems, but sngs are obv effected. i dont know how to cash out, and im wanting to pull about 8k off of FTP... they are telling me 30-45 days to get a check , or i can use a brand new start up e-wallet company..... like we can trust e-wallet companies.... i know to many ppl who got burned by neteller.

i did good a few nights ago, and i did good today... was playing 200,300, and 500 dollar sngs on stars today... not a whole lot, but i made about $2900...

i was real deep in the ftp 300k... it froze with 32 ppl left, right after i lost a pot getting caught on a bluff. so who knows how much i will get for that....

i played the $550 tourney at the venetian yesterday, and busted in the 2nd level... went to binions to play the $660 and it isnt telvised anymore because they lost their sponcers, blaming it on the neteller thing... and only getting a few tables... i played a sat to get in and busted 4th, top 2 got seats. so i went home..

i didnt keep tack of my weekly wins and losses because i ended out the month and was lazy to keep track of both the week and month.

i dont have any hands saved right now.. so i will just post my results for the month so far.

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my goal is to keep up my high roi, play more big sngs, and make feb a 15K month...


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smokkee said...

hey stoner

sorry i didn't make it to Venetian saturday. i was getting my ass handed to me over there the night before so i skipped the tourney to get my ass handed to me at MGM.