Monday, February 19, 2007

back online!!!!

turns out my cable modem was broke, just like i expected..... it is fixed now, and im back on my desktop... the down side is, my laptop runs a lot quicker and is much better to use.... but i can only plug in one big moniter into my laptop... so i get one big moniter and my laptop screen. at least i dont think i can plug both of them in... if i could i would prob just use it.... my desktop is getting old, i got it when XP 1st came out... and having probs with my cd drive, my cd/dvd burner, and my harddrive occasionally...... i am very overdue for a new one.... there is a few things im concerned about though.. i have a big issue of always wanting the best, and im not sure i want to shell out $5k for a new computer... also im nervous of windows vista..... i would hate for my harddrive to completely fail and lose everything though.... so ive been backing everything up regularly... im a dumbass and really should just buy a new one.

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