Monday, February 26, 2007

running good/running bad? and- got me a star!!!!! -BRAG POST

im on 2 shark scope leaderboards, and once i get more games under my belt it looks like i may be in a 3rd one,and maybe 1st in a 4th one- not sure.... BUT im on a hot run right now....

i made about $7K last week, made $3900 in sngs tonight, but lost $750 or so in the majors.

i am killing these sngs once i get HU as well.... its amazing... i mean yes im better than most guys i get HU with, but im running insanely well too... out of my last 58 sngs i have made it to the money only 36.2% of the time (21 times) which is low, but only 4 times was a 3rd place finish. and only 2 were 2nds. so i made it HU 17 times and got 1st 15 of those times.

see below for a screen shot of a spreadsheet of my last 58


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so even though im running hot, im running bad in a way.... i should be cashing 40%+ i believe. well since 2007 it is still at 40% , but has been 41-42ish until now. since i started playing sngs i have 2,017 recorded and im at 39%, BUT this includes a time of about 300 sngs where i was a losing player, and i feel im a better player since i hit about 1500 played... i found a couple holes. so i honestly think i should run over 39%.....
so, really, am i running bad over these last 58 sngs? lets look at how many times i bubble. i do have 10 bubbles which is 17.24%. since i started sngs my over all % out of those 2,017 sngs is 12.59%, and in 2007 its at 10.75%. wow.

so evidence shows im running bad? wierd... lol, i guess we can do both at the same time. running bad overall, but super hot once ITM.

total profit out of last 58 sngs is $7,280, total buyins is $17,007: roi is 42.8%

PWNing ITM is awesome.


now on to the sharkscope leaderboard....

i know i have been doing well, and last time i entered my user name into sharkscope for consideration it said i was close to making it on the $20 180 person sngs average profit leaderboard, i believe i would had been top 3 if i had enough sngs. but i havent even played those in about a 9 months. so i decided to try again tonight, since i have been playing a lot at stars and doing well. i made it:

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here is my name searched on SS tonight, and with a few different filters applied as well.

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here is the leaderboard for any game 9-10 seated any stakes ave profit, i am sitting in 10th:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

here i am in 8th on the turbo version of the same leaderboard:

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here is a leaderboard i should make once i get more sngs under my belt:

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my stats filtered for that board:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the leaderboard SS says it will auto watch me on:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and stats filtered for that (same as previous stats?):

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

just assuming i need to get more games under my belt, not sure how many i need because it is a 12 month period, so i should qualify... unless i filtered it wrong...
let me know if i am missing somethin here.

/end brag post


Flipfish said...

Running with the elite now. Nice job!!!

jmill said...

Very nice work man.

lucko said...


Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

wow. just wow.

Anonymous said...

Very Impressive!

Mark - An Englishman Abroad said...

Interesting reading, found you via PxF - really must join sharkscope one of these days...

Have added you to my 'Blogs of distinction' list over at Plan3t Gong (another SNG blog albeit lower limits!) would be great if you could link back to me when you have a minute.

I'm also at Blogspot

Cheers, Mark