Thursday, March 01, 2007

Questions PMed to me about a HH posted.

here is a PM i received from a forum about some hands in a HH i posted.... his PM will be yellow, my answers will be in red....

i really would like to get comments from another sng expert lucko21, me and him are always discussing hands.

01 Mar 2007 14:25
questions on HH posted in your blog

Hey sprstoner, I was looking on your blog at your Feb. 24th entry where you posted two sng's. I was looking at the first one and was wondering your thoughts on

hand 12: where you get AQd in SB and raise it to 90, the SB pushes for 1280 and you make the call. Why do you make this call? I would probably put him on a mid pair or possibly AK. I'm just about 100% sure I would have folded in this spot.

i have a huge hand, especially blind vs blind, and this guy over shoved huge. you are right , he could of had a mid pair or AK, but he also could of had A8+, either way i saw his push as inexperience there, and he should not be pushing like that.... usually in spots like this i will check my sharkscope search on the guy, or my notes, and use that to help me make a decision. i really hate making the call, and i prob took a while. i really believe it was a +ev call, i could be wrong. hands like this are currently hard to analyze with an ICM view for me, because the programs i used are to basic for this. there is a new program that is super advance coming out sometime soon, and i am excited to purchase it when it arrives, it will take ICM calculations to a whole new level., i am not sure it will calculate this situation for us, but it will do post flop calculations, which is huge. ICM toolkit .

Hand 14: your in late postion with 99 ... there is one limper ahead of you. You raise it up to 120. Would you typically raise in this spot? Do you limp here at all? at 15/30 I probably limp hoping to hit a set.

i will play it both ways depending on the situations and players, but 99 is kinda border line for me, i rather raise with it. i really really hate limping in sngs, the only times you will prob ever see me do it, is with a pair.. i raised here, because i really felt the limper would fold,.

Hand 15: You raise it up to 150 with QQ in mid postion. You get repopped to 400, action gets back to you and you shove. What hands do you put this guy on? I would think he's very strong. Do you ever fold here or flat call to see the flop and if no A or K comes proceed from there? At this point you have a huge stack ....

my reraise there looks super strong... his reraise did as well.... but i cant fold QQ in a sng against 1 opponent, maybe that is a leak of mine, but i will very very rarely ever fold a hand that strong against 1 guy in a sng preflop. we also need to realize that i have been in a lot of pots, and im catching cards, but these guys may just think im getting out of line.. will he risk his nice stack here? prob not without AA or KK, but he also prob reraises me with a lot more than that, seeing how active i have been. he is also a losing player, which means he does stupid things. obv he had AA and i sucked out on him, and if i didnt have to many tables going, hopefully i made a note of his raise size and hand strength. as for calling a raise and seeing if any scare cards come on the flop, i really wont be doing that with a big pot already, esp if i think i can make him laydown some hands he likely reraised me with. so if i am to do something like that, the pot has to be small, AND i want to be in position.

Hand 17: You fold AJ in early postion with 7 people left. Is this an auto fold. I would have probably raised here to 150 or so.

AJ can be a very hard hand to play out of position. i have been in a lot of pots,but i have shown down strong hands, and have shown im willing to call pushes.... and i was utg +1. but, i prob should had raised here. i think this was a mistake.

Hand 40: You get 44 in EP, utg limped and you folded. Is this a standard fold? With your stack why don't you come in for a raise here or limp as well?

this is a time when ppl will be shove over your raises a lot, and you will start to see a lot more pushes. however, i have a stack , and no one else sitting sitting real well. a raise by me commits me to the pot. after looking at this hand, i decided a large raise or a push here is prob the right way to play in this spot. sometimes i miss spots like this playing to many tables. im starting to run out of time because of a tough decision on another hand and i have 4 tables beeping at me at once, so i fold to many hands.... sometime i will push to many as well.... but if i only had 1 table going, i am pretty sure i would had put all my chips in here, or at least a raise and willing to call a push.

Hand 60: A guy on the button with 3400 raises to 600. You shove on him with 26 and he folds. Is this an easy shove as he can't call you with anything? Do you worry at all that he calls and wins then you just went from chip leader to trying to hang on and cash yourself?

i will shove there with any 2 cards 100% of the time... unless i know this guy is very stupid and makes very retarded calls, he prob needs AA or KK maybe QQ...if he knows im pushing 100% JJ might be a good call as well. i do get called in this spot sometime, by AA,KK sometimes A5. sometimes i suck out, sometimes im struggling to cash after i lose the big pot. but this push is very +ev, and is a must push. i have seen many times a guy bet more than half his stack, and i come over the top all in and he folds because of the shorty still in. look for these situations, they will make you a lot of money.

Hand 61: You shove from the SB with KK and Mrteddy calls with A4???? How horrible of a call is this when the shorty has 900 chips?

this is obv a very bad call by him, im not sure what he was thinking, but he is a losing player, and seeing this hand im sure that doesnt surprise you. in 9 handed sngs he is -4% roi. the call is so horrible it makes me laugh. thanks for making look at this hand again.. lol

Thanks for your time. Daren


Narcis said...

Nice blog..really i like it and its incredible how much my game was improved by this content...OF course i am studying myself but the spirit of this blog has influenced me to make better decision...hard to explain...

Goooood luck man!

lucko said...

Hand 12: There are many bad players that will push weak aces there that I don't think its a bad call. You aren't going to be seeing big pairs very often there, AK is all you need to be a afraid of. I think you are dominating more than you are dominated. Its probably the right call.

Hand 14: I am raising as well, probably to 150 though.

Hand 15: We already saw a guy shove earlier with 88, I almost never fold QQ preflop in SNG's for this reason. I think you will make more bad lay downs than good ones with QQ, so its not something I worry much about either. If its a hole, its a minor one that can't really be exploited much.

Hand 17: I usually am raising there with your stack.

Hand 40: I think this is the toughest hand so far. I am really not sure what I would do. I think I actually like the fold there.

Hand 60: Easy auto-shove there.

Hand 61: WOW that was awful. MrteddyKGB is a great MTT player too. When I won the $100r, I was headsup with him at the end. This call and his SNGS stats just goes to show how different a mindset and set of skills is needed to do well in SNGs vs MTTs. Trust me, he is an excellent MTT player.

sprstoner said...

yeah, i know mrteddy is good at MTTs..... played againt several times.... but this was horrible.