Sunday, March 11, 2007

questions about the 1k sng HH recently posted.

From: denbro7
To: sprstoner
Posted: 09 Mar 2007 00:49
Subject: questions on HH posted in your blog
Hey sprstoner,

I was looking at the
$1100 HH you posted to your blog and have the
following questions:

Hand 23: blinds are 50/100 your in the sb with 1425 after posting. The button with 1900 chips raises to 300 and you fold A6s. Now lets compare this with hand 35.

Hand 35: blinds now 75/150 and were 5 handed. Your in the sb (2nd in chips) with 3000 chips after posting. Same player on the button with 2200 in chips raises to 450, this time you come over the top and push all in with A8, the button folds.

What is so different here that you fold the A6 earlier but now your pushing A8? Is it because were closer to the bubble? That you have a bigger stack then him now and can bust him?

yeah, basically, shorter handed, i had a stronger hand, and if i lost i wasn't out. also, i would do a lot more damage to the stack behind me. a lot of people will push the A6s too, and i don't think it is necessarily a bad play.

you see sngWIZ says it is a +ev push, BUT not as high as it should be in order to risk our current stack size for. i really like how sng wizard takes each hand and calculates how desperate we are, and automatically adjusts the suggested edge.

Hand 38: You get dealt A10 utg while still 5 handed and fold. Easy fold here? Do you ever raise here?

yes, i think this should be an easy bet here.... i must had been worried of having to call a push... still think it is a bet though.

Hand 62: On the bubble and your 4th with 1600 chips, you push Q5 utg.
I imagine your just shoving any two here?

no we cannot do that and be +ev, this push might have even been a bad push, very borderline.... in borderline spots, do not push if the big stack is in the BB and be more likely to push if blinds are about to go up. what is the big stacks calling range here?

Hand 71: 3 handed now, blinds 200/400 25 ante. the short stack on the button
pushes his last 560 and you fold 8J. Why not call the 360 thinking that holla@yoboy
will also call and check it down? The shortie pushes with 35 and basically triples up

this is a very good question, and if i knew the BB was a bad player, i would. but any good player would shove any 2 in the BB if i called, basically improving his pot odds knowing i cant call.

Hand 78: Blinds are 300/600 and your heads up. It's push/fold mode and you push your QJ and are called by 33. Do you like the call? Even your pushing any two he's basically a coin flip. If you win that hand your in control and have a great shot at taking it down.

yes, he made an easy call... it may be a coin flip, but he has chips to lose and still be in the game, a very easy call with the risk/reward he is offered.

Thanks for your time.


same sng, questions from another reader:

From: brandonscimeca To: sprstoner Posted: Today, at 1:20 pm Subject: 1K SNG post So I have a few questions for you recent 1k sng post
1st few questions are not about your play

#13 Ammeadama plays this hand very passive and quite poor

#19 Ammeadama again very passive. I am just suprised to see this play at this level, am I off on this?

he busted in hand 18, so I'm not sure what 2nd hand you were referring to, but yes he seemed to be playing poorly.... he is a wining player too:

#26 BigJoe Calling on every street with 2nd pair, again suprised, but seems as though he has a read.

well, it was blind vs blind, and Brianna is a very poor player.

#34 The thing I took most from this video was this was the first hand you got involved in. At this point you are already 5-handed! Is this a normal time for you to start getting involved (minus you haven't picked up a big hand yet)

no, i don't mind playing earlier... just was how this sng went. i do need a good hand to play earlier, or a descent hand in position.

#46 10-9s on button in a unraised pot. Is this a standard fold at this stage?

i would have to say so, BB could push a lot here, and sb is a big stack.... i do not think the reward is worth the risk in this spot.

#62 you just lost a race and are now short stack. You push UTG. Are you doing this here with ATC?

i answered this hand in more detail above, but no. this push might had been -ev.

#64 again is this a push with ATC. Holla is the big stack and will call you with any decent hand. Is this thinking my hand must be better than the BB and I need some chips.

i don't think so....

if we give him a calling range of 23.5% we can push any 2, but if we give him a calling range of 27%, our J2s is just barely +ev. i think his calling range might be closer to the 27% which is hands as weak as JTs... maybe not though. its a close spot.

i was thinking if i won this pot, i would be basically guaranteed to cash though.

Thanks in advance

thank you


Keith Jackson said...

Some great stuff you are putting up here. It makes for such good reading.

sprstoner said...

thanks man... i actually enjoy these posts to... i think it helps my game to answer questions like these.