Thursday, March 15, 2007

awesome news

WSOP news i saw today in a cardplayer article... saw it posted at P5s 1st.

"Harrah’s decided to double the number of starting chips this year. That means instead of a $1,000 starting chips in the $1,000 events, they’ll start with 2,000 chips in order to give players more play. According to a representative of the WSOP’s publicity firm, this will affect all the events."


i think my bad run might over too, had my 1st positive day in a little over a week... was running bad, then playing tilted, then one day i had 8 tables going, and my dog hit my surge protector.... computer shut off... lol.... then one day, stars froze, took me about 10 minutes with several tables going before i decided to rebooted and get all my tables open again. more running bad, and over aggressive early gambling = horrible week and a half.

i am going to be out of town from friday to sunday night, so prob no posts and no playing until monday.


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