Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Questions PMed to me about a HH posted #2

same thing as before, but a different SNG.

here is a PM i received from a forum about some hands in a HH i posted.... his PM will be yellow, my answers will be in red....

i welcome comments from anyone else that wants to look... that means you too lucko21.

these questions are about this HH posted on PxF, in my blog entry on 2/24

Hey Sprstoner,

I was looking at the 2nd HH you posted in your Feb. 24th blog entry
and had the following questions on Hands:

Hand 17: blinds are 25/50 you have 1415 in chips. utg+1 raises to
150 and you folded 88 from utg+2. I was kind of surprised at the fold
here. I would have thought you would at least call the 150. Do you fold this because more then likely the flop is going to contain an overcard and you'll have to fold to a continuation bet? Do you ever reraise here? Maybe if you the original raiser was from a later postion?

88 is a strong hand, but here i feel our stack sizes are to small to risk a call, and if i push i have to get 7 people to fold, one of which has already shown strength. i rather fold here and save my chips for a little bit later when i will need them more. if the 1st person in was in late position and i was in the blinds, i am much more likely to shove. there is a certain time period in SNGs where stack sizes are awkward, and this is the beginning of it IMO.

Hand 28: blinds are 75/150 you have 1415 in chips. You get 66 utg and fold. Is this an easy fold? I imagine your not just making a standard raise here, either your folding or shoving. Why do you decide to fold here? What is the minimum hand your pushing with?

there is just to many people to go through here, we are to likely to run into a hand. yes this is an easy fold with my stack size. if i am playing a little loose i will open push with with 88+, AQ+... SNGwiz says we should have a better than .75% edge to push here (because we have chips and are not desperate), to have an edge at .75% or better we need TT+,AK+.... 88 and AQ are still +ev, but just barely.

Hand 48: blinds are 100/200 25 ante you have 1290 after posting blinds. 5 handed and folded to the SB with 3260. He gives you a walk. Bad play by the SB, right? He should have shoved with any two here.

yes, i agree....

Hand 52: blinds 100/200 25 ante. Your now the chip leader with 4 left your in the BB and utg (comfortably is 3rd in chips) raises to 600. Everyone folds. Why don't you shove here? I know your hole cards are 45o but he still can't call you with much of anything. If you lose the hand you would still have around 1900 in chips.

for that move to be a very profitable move you need the shortest stack to be very short. it would likely work here as well, but i just wasn't sure i was ready to push him around at this point. i probably was waiting for blinds to go up.

Hand 53: Same scenario. 2nd in chips raises. No shove on your part? What determines when you would just shove with any two compared to folding?

i will give the same answer as last hand..... i rather the shortest stack be smaller, or the blinds be bigger.

Thanks for your time. Daren

no problem, i actually enjoy doing that.... its fun, it gives me blog material, and it helps me improve my game. LOL @ coryward's call on last hand.....


BurnleyMik said...

Nice post stoner, I like the way you played those hands, I doubt there was too much you could do differently. unfortunately I can't get onto PxF at work. Was it really all that bad of the move for the SB to fold to you? As you were relatlievly a short-stack, considering that if you called his push, then a third of his chips would have been on the line, just to pick up your 200 BB?? Just a thought

BurnleyMik said...

oops, forgot to mention that he woould also be doubling up a good player who has position on him.



sprstoner said...

yes burnleymik, i honestly believe he needs to push there. the thing is, he should know i need a hand, and should know that if he pushes vs the pecentage of the time i get a strong enough hand to call... that over the long run he will be picking up my chips enough to more than make up for the times i call and he loses.. also he will win sometimes when i call.

Mattyrye said...

How about you post your email, and let blog readers send you hands you can comment on. Be very interesting to get your view of other peoples questionable hands. I know its probably a pain ass to go through, but just an idea..

lucko said...

Hand 17, 28 & 48- I 100% agree with your analysis.

Hand 52 & 53: I think I might be jamming in these spots a little too loosely. I am going to take a look at them a little closer.

That last hand was pretty funny.

sprstoner said...

matty, i dont really have time to analyze everyone elses HHs. these hands i have been discussing are from my games i played. and i will make time to explain my plays because it helps both me and people reading it.

i have had people offer to pay me even.... and its just i dont have the time... sorry.

i post on several forums under my sprstoner name... if you have any private questions, PM me on one of those forums, and i will do my best to answer you. if i do decide to check out one of your HHs i may put it on my blog....

just dont want to post my email in here.... although i have in a previous comment on a previous post... so if you look you will find it.. lol


RYan Bownds said...

Hey man congrats on your WSOP win!!

Since I'm only 19 i will try to win my way to an EPT event instead.

Hey what program/excel spreadsheet do you use to calculate your wins/losses? If possible could you send me it? I made my own but it's just not awesome, and yours looks much better.


Cheers and well done on the WSOP win.

sprstoner said...

hey RYan Bownds,

my spread sheet originally came from some random dude on p5s, i cant remeber who sent it... but i made many adjustments to it, and only have a blank of the original... let me know if you still want it.