Wednesday, March 14, 2007

more questions, $225 HH posted on 3/8

From: denbro7
To: sprstoner
Posted: 12 Mar 2007 14:13
Subject: Question on $225 HH from March 8th blog
Hey Sprstoner,

I had a few questions regarding the
$225HH you posted to your blog on March 8th.

Hand 20: Blinds 25/50. EP raise to 150 and you shove with AK for 1425 total.
Your called by 10's. I think the hand was played fine both ways. My question
is do you ever make a raise here where you don't shove but are committed
anyway. Say a raise to 600-800 or so? On several occassions I've been called in
this spot by 44 or 66. Does the shove scream AK leading people to be willing
to call with mid pairs? Does a reraise look stronger without shoving?

i only like the shove here.... it is just easier and your opponent knows you aren't folding on the flop. i raise big pairs the same way (usually) when a standard reraise commits about 1/3 of my chips. a lot of successful players do as you suggest, so i am not saying it is wrong, just not my style.

Hand 22: blinds 50/100 your in the cutoff with KQh and it's folded to you. You fold in this spot. Why? I would have raised to 300 or so.

yes you are right and i was wrong, sometimes i play like this when a particular opponent has been shoving me a lot and i don't want to play for all my chips, or i could had timed out... maybe not paying attention... could of had a more interesting hand going on at a few other tables, and was busy to the point i just clicked fold so i can worry about the more important hands.... who knows... but under normal circumstances, i should raise there. i agree.

Hand 25: blinds 50/100 with 7 remaining and your 2nd in chips. You get 66 utg and fold. Why don't you come in for a raise. From your other posts I'm guessing because you still have to get through 6 other players at a time of the tourney where people are looking to shove and the risk/reward isn't there ...

exactly... i hate to raise here and have someone shove on me... sometimes i raise it to 250.. people do seem less likely to shove without a strong hand when we raise from early position. but, usually i fold there.

Hand 27: blinds 50/100 your in the sb with K3s, gets folded to you and you fold. Why don't you either shove on the BB with 1200 in chips or raise to take the blinds? If the BB pushes you can fold and get away from the hand

i don't want to shove there, i could raise to 250 and see what he does... this is another spot where i can go either way. earlier in a sng though, i tend to play a little tighter most of the time. if he had 8 or 9 BBs then i am definitely shoving there.

Hand 34: blinds 75/150. your in the sb and it gets folded to you with JJ. You push on the SB with 1300 and he folds. Do you ever standard raise here trying to induce the BB to shove on you or is it just better to open shove?

there is no standard raise that will leave him with any fold equity. if a certain person is in the BB you can limp knowing he will push. usually better players, but i rarely do that, because better players know i am pushing a lot of trash there too. let them call with A5 and 77.

Hand 35: you fold 22 on the button in a unopened pot? No raise here to try and take the blinds?

i was prob worried the BB was going to push on me, but i should had raised barring any weird reads i have on his current play. a lot of times the BB likes to shove on you, when they see you play a few hands in a row, and his stack is perfect size for that.... i think i should had made it 400 though. lately people have been shoving like mad on me.... but i can be just running into monsters. so i have been trying to tighten up my button and cutoff raising requirements some.

Hand 53: blinds 100/200 5 remaining you have 1820 in chips and shove from the button with K3o into stacks of 720 and 1350, easy shove here?

well, i actually have 2020, and technically 2045 before ante is posted. i will enter this hand into sngPTs. lets say the sb with a short stack of 845 will call 30% of his hands, and the bb with 1575 will call 20%, sound fair?



if so my push is +ev for +$9.50 with a +.5% edge.

i am not so sure those are good ranges though.

i am going to change the sb to:22+,A2o+,A2s+,K8o+,K5s+,Q9o+,Q8s+,J9s+

and BB to: 55+,A8o+,A6s+,KTo+,QJo+

and i still think they are a little too loose... doubt sb calls with j9s and BB call QJ
but even if they do, we can push 75% here. the changes i made, makes the push even more valuable:

Hand 57: You indicate is a mistake on your part and should have shoved into the BB with 520 chips even though you had 10 3

well it is a thin edge, but one i believe is worth taking, sngwiz automatically adjusts suggested edge% per situation, sngPTs does not. but according to the wizard, this is a good edge here. i have sngPTs open now, so i will show you what it says IF we know he is calling 100% which he may not be.

Thanks for your time. Daren


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