Monday, March 19, 2007

interesting HH

a $500 where i made a questionable play early (i like it, still. not 100% sure if it is profitable yet), got super short stacked almost immediately, and made a comeback to win. should be very interesting.

btw, after my recent bad run, i have been playing slower early.


smokkee said...

i play super squeaky tight thru the first 4 blind levels. then open it up when i get down to near 10x the blinds. if i catch a real hand before that, i'm raisin it up 4x preflop. mostly hoping for the donks to donk each other out.

you made a good read heads up with AJo preflop. but, you gotta dump it if you don't hit IMO.

smokkee said...

btw, helluva comeback after getting short stacked to take it down.

sprstoner said...

i really think it was worse to even play the hand than to push on the flop considering the situation and considering that most people wont be as loose as he was.

i cant wait for a post flop ICM program to be released.

very questionable, and if the hand came up today, i would play it much differently. like just fold AJ.. lol