Wednesday, March 14, 2007

reader asking me to look at a few of his hands.

From: denbro7 To: sprstoner Posted: 09 Mar 2007 01:00
Subject: question on a few hands

Hey sprstoner,
I was wondering what you thought of hands 25 and 42 of the following sng

Hand 25: I get dealt Ak in the sb. Button raises to 150 and I reraise to 600. To big of a raise? I'm not sure what the best action to take is if I miss the flop. Just shove any flop or check and fold to a bet? Luckily I hit the flop and was able to get the rest of my chips in.

Hand 42: Again in the SB this time with 88. Same button raises to 500. I was not really sure what the best play was here. Did I just want to come over the top and shove on him? call? Fold? I opted to fold and I'm not sure if it was the correct play. I figured he put in a good portion of his stack and wouldn't fold, I was in good postion and didn't want to risk that with 88 - perhaps too tight/weak on my part but I'm not really sure.

Thanks for your time. Daren

on hand #25 you should just push preflop here. i do not like your raise. if we had a bigger stack, i don't mind your raise, and if i miss the flop, i am likely to push anyways.

#42, you weren't in the sb, you were the bb, and there was an utg limper.. i like the fold.

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