Tuesday, March 13, 2007

been running bad...

when I'm running bad i like to double check some of the pushes i make to make sure i am not making any big errors... i found a few borderline pushes today, but nothing screaming bad play.

don't want to bore you with whining, but i had a horrible week. i hate variance.

anyways, i spotted a hand that was standard to me, not sure if it is standard to you guys or not.

i am sure most of you know this screenshot is sngPTs. it is a program that uses ICM to determine if it is better to push or fold, based on a calling range you apply to the remaining players in the hand.

in this hand (a $200 sng) it was folded to me in the sb. blinds are 100/200, i have 1200, the BB has 1560, before posting. i put in a 25% calling range for the BB which is : 44+,A5o+,A2s+,K9o+,K7s+,QTo+,Q9s+,JTs ; and i honestly think that is a little loose for this stage in the game. but IF he is that loose, and we hit the 'compute all' button, it will tell us on the bottom line what hands we should be pushing with.
i already know this is 100%, that is why i pushed 42o here. if we hit the 'compute' button it just calculates the value of the hand we had, so in this spot pushing makes us $11.48 IF he is that loose... will be more if he is tighter.

this is an awesome program and a must have for any serious sng player. i have downloaded a beta test upgrade, which allows me to paste HH into it, so i don't have to enter everything manually. you can find that in their



cracknaces said...

I am new to the whole turbo SNG thing. What do you think about SNGWIZARD? Seems to do all the same stuff as the one you have pictured. I just want to know if I bought a piece of junk :)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there man ... You know you'll end the bad streak and be owning again soon enough.


sprstoner said...

craknaces, sngwiz is a great program, if you were to only own 1 i would suggest sngwiz. it does things that sngPTs does not do. but i like owning both.

i use sngwiz if i am going through a whole sng HH or if some one limped or raised before i want to push.

sngPTs is a lot quicker and easier to use IMO, and has a much more customizable range you can enter. so i use it when i can if i am analyzing 1 hand.


thanks denbro7,

i know things will even back out, but am a bit frusterated.