Wednesday, March 28, 2007

FTP pros = goooooooooooooot

well, 1st of all, i have been running very bad lately, that's why i haven't been updating my blog quite as often... i should be running hot again soon.....

tonight i was having a good night, then i lost power with 7 sngs going.... uuuuuuuuuuugh... ruined that real quit.....

here is a hand that happened late last week verses JJ Liu, i guess she was on a WPT tv table or something... but she obv has no clue how to play sngs.... maybe not poker period.. not sure... but this was real bad. (my next few HH posts will be hands i win, i promise)

Click here to view a larger version.

also some chat after the hand, i will put her in red since FTP pros are red.

sprstoner: how did your name get red?
JJ Liu: get lucky on u
JJ Liu: I said people think I have never played
poker before
sprstoner: weird, wonder why

I'm not sure she speaks good english..... but there you go...

hope to have a positive post soon..... lol....



smokkee said...

sOOted connectors are the new AK.

didn't you get the memo?

lucko said...

7 sng's? Ugh!! You should have called me man.

Fuel55 said...

I played a couple of Bellagio Cup II sats with her last summer and came to the same conclusion that she is a donkey.

Ezarc said...

Her limping EP with that frigging hand? That is frigging terrible.

Ryan said...

Hey man,

JJ Lieu looks decent that's how she got her name in red. She really aint that gooooot


Read all your posts very informative. I have an idea for a post that you could do when running bad? Plus it would really help us lower limit people out.

Could you give us a run down of all the programs that you use and if you have time why???


Thx man go back to crushing mikey. lol