Tuesday, April 03, 2007

still running horrible...

i decided to take a break from sngs, and play MTTs (man, im rusty at these things) for a week or so. and then maybe try cash for a while afterwards before going back to sngs. so far MTTs arent going any better, i ran very very bad on sun, and kinda bad today as well. although i did make money playing 4 sngs today.

but i had a very bad moth last month, kinda embarrassed to post my month stats. prob still will, maybe tomorrow night when i get home.

i am taking tomorrow off, have things to do. and a week from tomorrow i am going on vacation for 2 weeks, so if i play during those 2 weeks it will be very little.

oh yeah, i talked to bigjoe2003 on aim about my bad sng run.... he wouldnt give me any real advice as i play his same stakes. but he did mention players are learning my game, and not giving me action when i hit big hands early. he also mentioned my downswing is normal, he examined my SS graph. so i think i know what i need to do, but need my head to get cleared 1st. also winning some showdowns would be awesome.

i have a few hands saved up that i will try to post before i go on vacation.

sorry for lack of updates... i find it hard to talk poker when im tiliting....


Anonymous said...

GL on the bounceback that is sure to come, GL


smokkee said...

i had a horrible run at the 25+2's and took a break from sng's.

MTT's are more fun for me anyway.

GL at the tables