Wednesday, April 25, 2007

hand VS bigjoe2003

anyways a few posts ago, i had mentioned that i had talked to bigjoe on aim. he didn't give me to much direct advice due to concerns of helping his competition, which is understandable. he mentioned i was to tight early and to predictable because i never really limped with anything but pairs, and if i played post flop it usually meant i had a big hand. basically saying i was to predictable early and was probably loosing action i was used to getting, especially when hitting sets.

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i would had never ever consider playing a hand like he did here... and i imagine he is losing ev here most times. but he is obviously one of the best sng players in the world... so maybe i should mix it up a little early (adds long term ev?). still not real sure about limping utg with KQ, but maybe a step in that direction cant hurt.


trimp said...

Hey, been reading your blog for a while. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here, it has helped my game quite a bit and gives me a look into higher buy-in games which I think helps me when I "take a shot" up.

I find this KQ post interesting because I ran into a player yesterday who got caught playing that range twice in positions I would never have considered. Furthermore more he'd open with a raise of about 4x. I wrote him off as a donk, but then I looked him up on sharkscope and noticed he has a 40% ROI at the 33$ tables. I AM SHOCKED. He only has 150 games, but, 40%!!, I've got to think I am missing out on something by not playing this range of hands more.

Anonymous said...

dont give big joe too much credit, hes obv a good player, but he's def not the best, he just playes 15X more than anyone

Joseph said...

bigjoe is definately the best :)