Saturday, April 28, 2007

$650 MTT hand......

this hand is several weeks old, it was from 1 week before i won my 2nd seat.

btw, i was a coinflip away from winning my 2nd wsop seat in this tourney... lost a flip, then almost got my chips back when KK ran into A9 both real late. if i would had won the coinflip though, i would of had like 55k in chips, practically guarenteeing my seat.... but no big deal i won my 2nd seat the following week.

anyways, i for some reason saved this hand from early in the tourney.

Click here to view a larger version.

i really hate when guys like this open a flop in a pot i led out on preflop. i like to raise them, but obviously not always. i like to have overcards to the board if i am raising and missed. i also like to make sure the player has been playing solidly and isn't a maniac. i do not like to make the raise real big, rather it look like i want action. because of this, i rather there be no draws, or almost no draws.and probably most importantly i need to have a tight solid image.

btw, just so you guys know, i have not been doing very well in MTTs lately... my game is rusty. i thought this hand was kinda standard but could be interesting to some. i know we had a thread on +1 about these type of situations, so can make for some descent discussions.


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