Monday, April 09, 2007

JJ laydown in WSOP HH-requested by lucko21

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not sure how many were left until we all got seats when this hand occured, but it was about 2-4ish....

this fold was a close choice, but i decided i rather push on the 2 guys to my left who are likely to fold almost any hand since there were guarenteed a seat, than to push here and be much more likely called.

i also folded JJ like 45min before this to an utg over push which i had barely covered. most people thought it was a bad fold. i didnt want to take a coinflip at that point.


lucko said...

Awesome fold. I bust there. Very nice!

I have to get better at these sats.

ryot said...

You are insane

sprstoner said...

it wasnt an easy fold for me.