Sunday, January 21, 2007

not much to talk about i have been busy

i havent played last few days.. 3 days to be exact, been catching up on shit around the house. recently the govt really pushed forward strong in the attack on our rights and freedoms, and may be successful in destroying online gaming , or at least choking it good, drying up the games... not sure what is going to happen, but they are fucking us. i dont believe it will be illegal forever, but for how long?

i have a hand i want to talk about, but im gonna save for a few days...

last week, i made $92 in live cash, $1808 in online sngs, and got my ftp rakeback payment of $362.10.... so i had another good week....

EDIT: i forgot to mention that i made $111 in MTTs last week... small enough to easily forget.

i am not confident about future weeks as i expect the bad players to have no easy ways to re-deposit.

i have been thinking about going on vacation to aruba, and if i like it, maybe buying a rental or something there... maybe i can use the foreign address and utility bills to play on party and use neteller... might have to get some kind of proxy, but im not sure if i can proxy an aruba IP address. one of my long term goals has always been to move to someplace like aruba, so if i do this, i may end up living out there within a few years. just something i have been thinking about.... as lazy as i am, i wont do shit though.

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