Friday, July 27, 2007


i prob wont be posting nearly as much as i used to, i am sure that is obv.

i have been playing MTTs lately, and doing shitty/running bad.

miamidon asked me to play a $1k MTT live on sunday, i guess a few guys are going. i really wanted to play, but i dont have a good mind set right now, and $1k is a bit to big for my BR imo. i really believe i can make a lot of money playing them though.

i will prob only post on here in near future if i win a MTT or go on a hot streak. also will prob post a lot more if i quit MTTs again. i will get all comments left though, they are fowarded to my email.

i am also currently teaching my GF how to play sngs, so you may see me at the $27 level a little bit. prob going to have her get her own account soon so we can play at the same time.

glgl everyone.


Anonymous said...

Wa wa wa , go get a haircut u pansy

lj said...

was it you or gfriend in the mulligan?

sprstoner said...

it was me in the mulligan, she only plays small sngs as of now, and wont be playing for a week or so. she also opened her own stars account, so she shouldnt be on mine.

Will Palango said...

don't worry, MTTs can be sooo dirty at times, I remember a time where I went like 30 straight MTTs without a single cash, I really felt like killing my self.

Anonymous said...

Stoner I hope things are going well.

I still check from time to time for a brag post.

GL man

Peter said...

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