Tuesday, July 10, 2007

WSOP update

1st of all, sorry for lack of updates. been really spending a lot of time playing poker live, and drinking with friends from out of town lately.

i played day 1d yesterday.

1st thing i noticed was that my table was playing pretty tight, maybe 1 loose guy. i was playing pretty loose and aggressive, for first 2 levels i was raising 2-3 times a round, and was lucky to only show down pretty good hands. people didn't start playing back at me much until later, and even then i was doing pretty good until i lost my stack.

in the 1st level i caught QQ on the button. it was folded to the cutoff who raised to 300. i made it 1000 and blinds folded cutoff calls. keep in mind i raised this guy off of many hands recently and he is frustrated with me. flop came T62 with 2 clubs. he checks, i bet 1500. turn comes off suit Q giving me top set. i bet 3000 and he called. river came a club that did not pair the board. he led out for 3000 and i paid his flush off, leaving me with 15000 chips and end of 1st level.

during next level, i continued my very aggressive game. i won a few small pot building back up to 20ish, then i got QQ again, and got paid off by TPTK on a J high flop. then i raised and took down 3 small pots in row. then 4th hand i had 99, it was limped UTG, the other aggressive player raised to 900, i called the 900 , BB called the 900, limper called the 900. flop came 862 with two spades, BB and limper checked, raiser made it 3300. i am not sure what exactly i want to do. this guy was playing a lot of hands, and likely missed the flop. i am pretty sure i have to raise here. i look down at my cards again, and realized i remembered them wrong, i had 88 for top set... oops. lol. i made it 9000, both the BB and limper folded. the original raiser thought forever but finally folded, he wanted to call badly. i ended the level at 40k.

the next level, i made a few big lay downs that most people wont make, but for most of my 40-45k stack at such a low blind level i don't need to get in marginal spots. i also was pretty confident i was against monsters anyways, i felt good about how i played.

for next several hours was still playing a lot of pots varying my stack between 38k and 50k. then at the 300/600/75 level, i raised to 1900 in mid position with KT, big stack 2 to my left smooth called (which is his way to play back at me, he always floats flops as well, tries to take my pots on turn, been working good for him for he most part) everyone else folded. flop came out 9JQ with 2 hearts. i led out on flop for 2700 he smooth called like always. a rag heart came on turn. i check, and he bet like he always does. he made it 10,000 and i called. cant remember the river, but we both checked. he had KT of hearts. huge pot uuuugh. i am down to 24k. i built up to 29k by break but did finally play tight for a while. definitely disappointing to start last level with 29k.

during break i decided i don't want to come back to day 2 this short and i was going to get active again. i built back up to 43k by end of night with no showdowns. tomorrow at noon blinds will be 500/1000/100. have work to do, but still ok.

ALSO congrats to lucko21 who also made day 2, glgl tomorrow.


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i just read on Lucko's blog your busted out. that sux ballz.

you've had a helluva run lately tho. some very nice cashes.