Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fuck FTP and Fuck payment processors

i request a E-check the 15th of last month, since then i have been promised many times 3-5 more days.... and obv today the email says 9 more days....


these fuckers think we are stupid.

anyways FTP says we cant cancel the E-check and request a written check. IMO these cock suckers need to give us our money and they can wait for the payment processors to decide whats going on with all the money they have, whether its being stolen by them or the US govt, or what-the-fuck-ever happened to it.

FTP please invest in customer service.

i know stars is having similar issues, but i dont have money caught up there... is stars allowing you to cancel your E-checks, and withdraw other methods?

sorry, im sure all you know about this bullshit, i just had to rant a min.... i also been sending dick emails to FTP daily even though they wont respond.


$mokkee said...

FTP payouts and CS sux balls. Bodog has a debit card now. 3 days max to get ur money.

Mike Maloney said...

And on the flipside, I love FTP's payouts. I get my written checks within two weeks, and my e-checks within two days.

I wish everything could be as cool as Bodog, though.

sprstoner said...

unfortunately i have be permanently banned from bodog, but their software always would crash anyways and randomly for no reason go to autofold and get stuck until i restarted client.... so i felt it wasnt a great loss.

$mokkee said...

how the fuck did you get permanently banned? last weeks 100k Guarantee had a 35k overlay. best tournament value online period.

sprstoner said...

years ago a friend had a bunch of money stuck there, and i just had a little... he wanted his money off, and they had no transfer option... he deposited with a CC. they wanted a pain in the ass verification to withdraw.

we had the idea to sit HU and he dumped to me, we had close to 2k confiscated by bodog and were banned permanently.

imo they should had given us the money back, but they stole it. my buddy made it right with me later... but still a gay situation.