Wednesday, May 21, 2008

small win and goal update....

1st i want to mention i did get my FTP echeck.

i took down this small tourney today and also final tabled the 40k but got knocked out in 9th. in this tourney we were HU forever, i had him all in 4 times and had him covered all 4, 2 times i was a favorite, 1 time it was a flip, and 1 i was behind, at which point he finally had me covered. by this time the blinds got so big it was being shoved every hand, after 10 min or so of that i won 2 all ins in a row to finally take it down.

it was an amazingly long 200 hands of HU play.


as far as my goal for the month, im not there yet, and i need to have a nice 10 days to hit it, im at 10.5 for the month as of now. if it werent for the last 2 sundays i would be there. i also busted with between 9 - 18 left in 3 tourneys yesterday, and between 18-27 in 3 more.

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$mokkee said...

guy made ya earn it huh. nice win stonah.