Tuesday, November 11, 2008

fuck fdjgs;lgkh;fghzdfk;j (skip)

the shit that is happening is fucking bullshit unreal, just been running the worst. for the last week the bigger the tourney the worst i'll run... until today...

then everything goes wrong, i doubt i won more than 25% of my flips and 40% of my 80/20s and 70/30s which is fucking insane when you 10 table for 10 hours. every fucking time i had a big hand someone had AA, everytime i was shot and shoved from the fucking cutoff-sb the bb had AA or at the least had me dominated (im exaggerating a bit, but fucking most of the time). everytime i flopped big i ran into a set or got sucked out on.

i bubbled 5 45 mans, and cashed 0, also i cashed 0 mtts.

close to one of my worst days ever, lost 5k. and 10k last 7 days (must be my worst 7 day period). and i still been doing good in plo tourneys (as long as they are cheapies) won 1 and got a 3rd a few days ago.

fuck this piece of shit game. fuck ftops. and fuck every motherfucking lucky faggot who always mother fucking hits. and most of all fuck KK. and fuck everyone who reads this piece of shit waste of time blog.

im taking a few days off.

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