Monday, November 24, 2008

roller coaster and the cool kids...

up and down the story of poker....

so i took monday and tuesday off and came back to play on wednesday and thursday and took friday off and played the weekend...

wednesday i made 2k, then thursday i lose 2.5k, then saturday i win the 20r and profit 4.2k, then i get slaughtered on sunday and lost 4.5k.

what sucks about sunday is..... i truly thought i was gonna have a big day, i had monster stacks in a ton of tourneys, i hate dick tease days.


so i was at the final table of a 45 man and i took a bad beat (standard) and bubbled it (standarder) and i didn't notice i lost for a while (standardest), and i over heard the cool kids talking...

not that i need an ego.. lol (i will be bitching about running shitty before you know it)

Petie_BigStacks: ew
Petie_BigStacks: gg spr
DimJarnaby35: hes fine he will just win the 80K again
Petie_BigStacks: yea seriously
Petie_BigStacks: kids a beast
DimJarnaby35: yea
DimJarnaby35: dont see how he even plays this much
Petie_BigStacks: yea i know
DimJarnaby35: i win 100K in a month im takin a month break

this petie guy has such a sick roi in 45 mans, he is sitting over 40%, only one other guy i have seen (that i noticed, prob more out there) with an roi in the 40s with a descent sample so that should say something. he is def easily one of the very best. my roi is 23% in them and i make a lot of money from those. 40% is fucking sick.


also i shipped $500 to the american cancer society, and will continue to make donations to charity on my big months.


Loretta8 said...

congrats on the win stoner

and nice job on the donation to charity

chronicATM said...

My overall 45man ROI is only 22% :(

Yeah Petie is a clearly sick with it.

lucko said...

next months charity = lucko21