Tuesday, December 02, 2008

tokin' white guy....

as far as poker goes i been running terrible the last 8 days or so... pretty nasty.


anyways i took down the ftp leaderboard again....ship the 1k....


there are a pair of super turbo private tourneys on FTP tomorrow evening, these are fucking fun. last week they got 49 players i think.

i cant really play tomorrow but i am gonna try to at least play these....

tuesday at 21:40 and 22:00 ftp time, passes for both are:super turbo, both are $11. everyone should play and spam these tourneys, get as many ppl in them as possible. this is the 1st week they are doing a 2nd chance i believe... i love the idea.

anyways im registered for them and nothing else as of now, so they should be easy to find if you search my name.

p5s link


45 man challenge just started, it is $100 to get in, everyone is welcome (i think).

all your 45 mans from dec 1st till end of month count, but you have till the 3rd to sign up. you only have to play 150 games to get your scores to qualify.

sign-up thread


i really feel bad for the jews because bacon might be better than sex, its close.

not sure, but maybe the jew beard makes up for it....


my sister and her family came down from utah for thanksgiving, they have a son who is just turning 1 year old (3 weeks older than my daughter).

so we were forced by the women to go get pictures taken which sucked ass and took several hours, but afterwords a few of us got pretty drunk on Fremont street.

we ended up talking to the tokin' white guy, not sure if he was telling the truth or a weird bum (clothes looked kinda new), but he had a few cool stories, and even showed us his marijuana card.

thought about this today because my sister emailed me the pic from her phone... im pretty sure i was pretty wasted by this time.....

partying on fremont is almost always awesome.... always have a fucking blast down there.... never bored, always funny shit, cheap beer and food, and often live music. i should go more often.

fried twinkie ftw.


lj said...

omg are my eyes deceiving me? no more ponytail?

yummmm, bacon.

vladb said...

Not like i'm a pro or anything.. just coming back online after some break in live action (cash ya!), but I've been having my ass handed to me in bad beats yesterday. Poker variance sux ;>

Gl to you in your games tonight. I'll try a bunch of 45plr sit'n'goes. I love them as they tend to go by fast and quick reward in the end :)

Taylor Kisses said...

Good luck at the tables fellas!

I finally got that link. Decided to make my own banner!


Taylor Kisses!

sprstoner said...

right on... got you back.