Wednesday, December 24, 2008

this guy...

well, i took a few days off (friday-monday) and we went up to salt lake city to visit my sister and her family. they moved up there last spring and we haven't been up to visit yet due to a few things that fucked up our previously planned trips. this was our last descent opportunity, and i was done putting it off even though......

this is what i was having to drive through...

that was at a gas station a few hours into the trip when i pulled over to get air. obviously the air compressor hose didn't have a pressure gauge on the end of it, so i had to run inside and buy one.

so standard that the super friendly utah people didn't tell me the air hose was broken and i couldn't get air.

i almost put on my snow chains at that point because the freeway had about 5 inches on it, but im very lazy and chose to just go for it.

the next 3 gas stations didn't even have air, and the 4th was almost like winning the lottery. so i go to fill up my tire and the gas station employee is just standing there staring at me like i was dangerous. i just do my thing as i have been to utah many times and i know how these fucks are. they are fucking weird. then obviously it turns out that air also didn't work.... wtf.

these mother fuckers need to be face fucked in front of their children, all 15 of them.

the gas station across the street got my problem solved, and lucky for me it was closed for the night, so i didn't have to deal with more mormon fuck bags.

so back on the nasty freeway with no snow plows and very low visibility and cars sliding off the side like mad. this was brutal for me as i really have very limited snow driving experience, but just kept it slow. it was blizzardy for about half the trip, and it took many hours longer than it would had normally (but obviously way better than an unexpected camping trip on the side of the freeway).

so we rolled into town pretty late, must had been 2:30-3am. i had ordered a big hotel room with a separate bedroom so i could sleep while the girlfriend would deal with the baby, but i had a problem....

i had no beer, unfortunately no mini-bar thing, and really not familiar with the area as well as not being sure if i could buy beer at 3 am in utah. so i went down to ask the guy at the front desk.

this dude said i could still get beer (thank god, but ftr, not the mormon god), but said i had to make about a 10 min drive which seemed retarded, but whatever. i need a few beers, so i head out on my mission.

anyways i pull up at this gas station (which was the one he led me to and the 1st one i saw taking his suggested route) and head over to the beer section. the damn door was stuck, i tried pulling it open a few times wanting some fucking beer. then the clerk comes over and says, "we don't sell beer from 1am - 6am".

fuck. "the guy at my hotel said i could buy some beer, this sucks". so the clerk then explains, "well, you can, this is just our personal policy, there is another place not to far...".

ok cool. he leads me to about 4 min from my hotel room, but obviously a different direction than other guy had led me. fuck it, im getting some beer!!!

so, i pull up to this 7-11 and the clerk was outside talking to some lady carrying some boxes, and they both looked at my car and noticed my nevada plates. i walk on up and say, "hows it going", and got not response. i walk on in to the store and head on over to the beer section which has at least double the choices as the last place.

the weird clerk dude from outside followed me on in, which is understandable, who wants a nevadan in their store. he is standing right behind me but fucking with some shit on the shelf. so i grab two 6 packs, one was michelob pale ale (which was new to me), and one was negro modelo (which i know i like), and i bring them up to the register.

the clerk never came up to the register, and im not sure what he was doing, but i remembered i should get a few bottles of water for the morning. after i got the water he followed me up to the register.

nutbag: "i cant sell you that beer"
me: "you gotta be fucking kidding me?"
nutbag: "no beer between 1 and 6"
me: "thanks for telling me when i was browsing your selection"

again, if these dicks just straight up told me i cant buy beer instead of sending on a wild goose chase, i wouldn't had been nearly as mad, but this shit is fucked, but not at all out of the norm when dealing with utah people, this is just how they do things.

they think they are so much better than us regular people, are so fucking judgmental, and treat people like shit. so fucking annoying, and i have other very similar storys from my other utah adventures.

but anyways, how much sense does it make, that some fucking idiot can buy a beer on the way to work, and i cant grab one before bed, these guys are fucking brilliant. i don't hate government for nothing.

so... all you utah fucks.... here is your fair warning.... if you see this guy:

he will face fuck you.....

i did go skiing while up there, the snow is fucking awesome in utah, the state (minus the people obv) is the most awesomest state ever. was a little cold, and it was blizzarding the whole time, but you cant touch that fucking snow.

we also took the kids sledding which was fun. my sister accidentally hit a jump and wiped out, but her kid is tough. i had the death machine (my sled which always twisted and dumped us) and had a blast with my daughter (though she didn't seem to really enjoy it till the end).

also the way home was a fucking mess, prob worse than the ride up. maybe not as many hours of snow, but what we had was much more hardcore.

this was the last gas station we stopped at in utah on the way back, only snowed a little while after this stop, but the roads were fucking slick, must has seen 20 cars stuck off side of freeway in the hour before and after this town.

all in all a good trip.......


my 1st day back playing, i had a rough day. still struggling bad in the 45 mans, nothing ever works out, running into monsters, tons of sick beats, and the timing is always fucked... so sick....

i did win a small PLO tourney, but i still was down $2800 on the day even so (i played the stars 1k today).

taking the next few days off as well, but will be playing on friday.


there are a few new hookers that might need some attention, im not sure yet. nothing awesome by any means, but descent. i never found the time to get my hooker for this month, so hopefully in January i can get it done.

i also still need to make my charity donation, which i will make even if i don't get my december hooker. i might make it to the same place, or maybe that st.judes, haven't decided yet.


also, lucko and lj are trying to talk me into going to AC to play the main event of this tourney, i am not really sure if i can or want to yet.

after reading the 2p2 link, i def want to play the main event, but im pretty sure if i go i would play the tournament the previous thursday as well.

im not sure if any of you readers would be interested in buying pieces of me in those or not, but if so i would need 10-15% juice for my room and travel expenses. i would prob do it for 10% even though it should definitely be more. i would be willing to sell at most half my action.

let me know if any you are interested, so i can try to figure out what i want to do.




Will said...

If you are looking for a charitable org, (I know there are a ton), I work with one that is in need so you could help a fellow player / 2+2'er. We work with an organization in Latin America that helps provide medical and other services to citizens of Nicaragua. Let me know if you are interested in donating sometime, I hate to ask like this, but just let me know.

Chessmonster said...
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Chessmonster said...

You know what would fix things..when travelling to Idaho just wear one of your knocked out a pro t-shirts..then the guys will know your a real player and back off of you. The other alternative is do what all the other young super stars an expensive watch and an expensive car...for sure they will kiss your ass then..which will put you in better position for the ole ff.


HighOnPoker said...

Admittedly, I'm a new daily reader, so this may've been covered in the past. I was just curious, does the girlfriend know about the hookers or do you keep it quiet. I hope that isn't too personal to ask.

Whatever the case, keep doing what you are doing. I really enjoy the blog.

sprstoner said...

she does know, i get permission 1st.

vladb said...

Never been to Utah.. maybe for the better from what I hear :)

Good luck with better poker fortunes. I've had more luck offline these past few days. Always felt FTP was rigged haha j/k.