Wednesday, December 10, 2008


just a quick post....

everyone should play this super turbo rebuy private tourney... rebuys for 1st 6 levels.

Next weeks tournaments are up and open for registration. Tournament #s 71903351 and 71905853.

I've also added a $2 rebuy super turbo on Thursday night at 21:40. Tournament # 71828448.

while you are at it, register for the super turbos on tuesday. tell everyone, get these as full as possible.

pass:super turbo

these are fucking awesome, if you haven't played them, you gotta try them.

btw i didn't win anything today.. :(


lj said...

LOL. was about to comment on how you took kev's blog link off your page, but now i realize it was just renamed.

also, you're terrible. win more pls.

Jeff - Gopack27 - Taplus said...

Thanks for mentioning the super turbo tournaments. We appreciate the promotion.

We have linked to your blog from also.