Monday, December 15, 2008


some of you may already know this story, but it is fun to laugh at people who fuck up, but this isn't really fucking up, its more of making a terrible judgment call that cost you tons of money at the same time as dicking out on your friend.

as any of you who have been following my blog for a descent amount of time should know, i was running very bad for a long fucking time. and all this happened right after i lost my job and our daughter was born. it seemed like it would never end, then i would when 12k one month, just to lost 19k the next, and 5k the month after.

so.... i had a descent roll before all of this, but i used almost all of it for bills at the end of last year and beginning of this year. the rest went to the tables.

but, before i get to far ahead of myself here, let me explain something. i wasn't supposed to have to use my money to play, so me blowing my money on bills and shit was fine and wasn't going to fuck me out of playing cards full time as planned.

the guy who was supposed to back me was someone i considered a friend, we talked on aim almost daily for about 9 months maybe, he is a well known poker player now who has had some great sunday success.

i would like to point out that this whole backing thing was his idea, as he was running hot and wanted to invest money in a number of things (house, car, business and/or backing). even in late December, he kept asking me everyday, "you want to start today? you sure?", but i kept explaining that i had a lot on my plate, and didn't want to start till my daughter was born which was supposed to be the 1st weak of January.

so comes the 1st week of January, and he wasn't contacting me but that was fine as my daughter wasn't born till the 8th. so after we got settled down a bit here at the house i contacted him and asked if i could start now. he was real quick with me on aim and just said his 2 other horses were in deep makeup and wanted to wait till feb 1st.

right before i talked to him that day, a buddy (used to be, until he became a scammer) of mine was asking me if this guy would back him too, and i told him i would ask.

so as the backer was trying to be quick with me on aim, i mentioned, "to bad your down so much, a friend of mine was wanting to get on too". NOW all of a sudden i had his interest, "which buddy?". so i told him who the player was and he said maybe but not quite yet.

so a few days later i hear from a friend that he took this player on already, you see the friend was confused as to why he couldn't take me for a month but could take others. i was lil upset too i guess, but i figured fine, i been running terrible and this other guy was running very hot as of late. i will just wait my month and see what he does, even though it seemed obv he decided he no longer was interested.

it isn't the fact he obv change his mind that bugs me, its how he handled it....

so.. the month came, and he was avoiding me like the plague, so i knew what was going on. he would just keep giving me excuses and what not. i finally mentioned that i knew he took on my buddy, "oh, he told you?". obv not, "i heard it from another friend".


"so, whats going on, you change your mind or what?"

he then explained to me how i am a terrible poker player who spews like mad, and i wasn't running bad, i am just no good. he went on to tell me i should quit MTTS, and he would think about backing me in sngs down the road... blah blah blah....

i tried to tell him i just been running very shitty, and he insisted that "descent MTTers will very rarely ever have a down month, and wont have 2-3, you are a bad investment".

btw, i had to sell my truck to stay in the game, it was a close call for me, but i did pull through, obv.

and that was the end of him as far as i care. fuck him. after that i simply didn't exist anymore, i mean he would even ignore me at the tables. i aimed him to congratulate his deep run in the majors and all i got was a "im so excited, thanks" and nothing else, ever after.

its this that makes this fun for me, because if he would had been straight up with me, and not blew me off, and pretend we were never friends or whatever, things would had been different.

but because he was a complete douche fuck bag, it gives me great fucking pleasure to say...

hey frosty boy, yes you, the homo who text me his pic because you thought you looked weird and thought that was the reason you couldn't meet friends at college, and yes you the dude who would ask me life advice 3 times a fucking week for months...

you are obv to fucking cool now, you are way above regular fucking ppl.... you remember back when you were a busto rail bird annoying all the big name pros? remember those guys who weren't to cool to talk to you? why you think that is? maybe because most aren't complete pieces of shit... obv, everyone is different.... just don't forget who you were.

i got something to say to you....

you are a bitch and i hope you choke on a cock. i laugh at you every time i realize how much money i saved because you bitched out.

thanks for the extra ~80k, i will enjoy the fuck out of it. and i will keep laughing every time i spend some.


btw, sunday was terrible, but it did get a 2nd in the 30r on Saturday.


its gonna be impossible for me to win the 45 man contest now, and i am only pulling shitty scores for the 2p2 contest as well... oh well... fuck it.


who likes free appetizers?



Chad C said...

Best post ever possibly!

Bayne_S said...


Loretta8 said...

wow owned

vladb said...

damn pretty sick how low some people get when they taste success. Good post ;>

lucko said...

Nice job not naming names imo.

Todd said...

you do spew like mad though =P

fun read.

dwal said...

I agree with his decision.

Lol Frosty boy

$mokkee said...

the guy obv hates money

well done stoner!

Anonymous said...

Think of Frosty the snowman song while reading...

Frosty, the blowhard
was down upon his knees.
With his stove-pipe hat,
tilted back, he lost out on 80 gees (but was choking on a cock with glee).