Tuesday, April 14, 2009

few things...

i hate taxes, i am paying more than i have made most years of my life. so gay.

there is a tea party protest thing at sunset park on tax day, i will prob show up for a bit just because taxes are bullshit. looks like it might be a pretty big event.


i been running bad lately, pretty terrible, but i also haven't been playing much so hard to complain.


some caesars wsop circuit events going on now. and also i believe the venetian ME is coming up.

hopefully will be playing some of those, and maybe i can win something.


i found a fun lil free game, you make a character and you fight other characters. you build up levels and shit and gain perks and stuff. kind of addicting, even though i only played it for one day, i can see myself playing it for a while building a strong character so i can beat ppl down.

unfortunately my weapon is a chicken bone or some gay shit. and i keep running into ppl who have knives and wild animals to help them, not sure if i get a new weapon later or not, but if not, this shit is obv rigged.

come fight my character, and make sure you pick a password or you will lose your character.

my brute

there is a tournament option, have no clue how it works, but i signed up to play the next tournament, wish me and my chicken bone luck :).


also... fml, i have jury duty in the morn, i have to be there in 7 hours and 45 min, and i am not even tired yet.



lj said...

u just got owned. :)

Anonymous said...

Hooker posts ... you'll run better!