Saturday, April 04, 2009

whats going on...


i played a bellagio 1500 the other day and did shitty, structure was terrible and field was small. not positive what else there im playing. was originally planning on playing a bunch, but i think i will wait till next week and just play 1 or 2 more.

my tax shit is nearing completion. so, soon i can take it down to my accountant, who i think i decided to stick with, even though he pissed me off last year. i had talked to someone who is known as a good gambling tax specialist and i decided i don't trust that person is nearly as knowledgeable as we are led to believe. i been wrong before, but im going with my gut. at least this year.

went to starbucks yesterday, and for the 1st time in a while i went to one without a drive-thu (i usually keep on driving till i find one that has a drive-thru). a couple came in behind me and the husband (i assume) ordered his coffee (lets not talk about how gay his coffee was because i ordered a pretty fucking gay coffee myself), and immediately the wife interrupted saying "isnt that to fattening?" , lol.

i respect that the guy ignored his women, but please next time say, "bitch, you're fat", she wont interrupt you next time.

played awesome in the 100r on stars and nearly took it down. was pretty proud of the way i played. except there were 2 spots where i think i should had made a move, that i pussed out of. in all actuality i didn't need to make a move, because i wasn't getting played back at too much, though a bit. i just think i missed a few good spots is all.

took 1 nasty beat too, for a huge pot when i made a good play. limping behind and got a big pot all in pre with KK vs 33 but he obv hit. then heads up i lost AK vs QJ (i think).

i felt i was gonna win the tourney, and really wanted it, because i haven't wont his one yet (and obv the extra money). next time.

glgl all.


spritpot said...

v nice score. next time you will close the deal I am sure. In terms of coffee fagginess, I'd say if it takes more than 2 words to make your order, your coffee is pretty faggy.

smokkee said...

pretty stacked field


nice cash


Anonymous said...

Nice work homey.

GrimeRat420 said...

congrats and keep it up in those 100+'s. any idea where i can find an auto timebank activator for either ftp or ps? ty and glglgl