Wednesday, June 03, 2009

running terrible :(

on day 2 of the 1k, i drew utg, and was fortunate to get 77, but was called by AT and i lost the flip.

so i decided to play sats the rest of the day, and got pretty unlucky in a few but did win 1, for pretty much a break even day in those.

so then comes tuesday and the 1500, and i ran shitty and busted pretty early, so many beats i been taking, my run good is being saved for 1 special tourney i guess.

i played cash for a while today and ran fucking terrible for a pretty good loss.

anyways there is a 1500 6 max wednesday (today, but tomorrow for me -about to go to bed) that i am playing, and if i do bust early (i will even do late registration if available), there is a 2500 pot limit holdem/omaha mix that starts at 5pm.

i plan on winning something this year, so hopefully i dont go broke 1st.


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