Sunday, May 31, 2009

wsop 1k

well today went kinda weird, but not unstandard for me.

built a nice stack early, then kinda stuck there for most of day, then with 20 min left and about 20 BBs, i opened/called a shove with AQ. ran into kk and was left with 2 BBs at 400/800.

all the assholes were stalling so i couldnt play many hands in last 20 minutes and most pots were opened b4 me and i had shit like 52o, still i doubled a few times and get to start day 2 on monday with a whole 5k at 500/1000.

anyways what a weird day, i must had doubled like 10 ppl, got sucked out on many times (i did run hot early, winning 3 big flips though), and got coolered a few, including 1st level KK into AA (thankfully i had picked up several pots b4 that hand).

im kinda bummed im gonna miss the 1500 plo on monday to play a 5 BB stack. oh well, maybe i will get lucky.


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