Tuesday, May 05, 2009


well FTP's synced breaks for the MTTs are def an overdue addition and they are very awesome.

i cant speak for others but i know stars will lose money from me, just because i want to have breaks.

however FTP will also loose a bit of money from me because not all MTTS will go on break, they have a small set of rules that make some MTT's skip their 1st break, and with my schedule i would have 1 most hours. if i quit stars, that means i have to play 45 mans again, some of which will also miss the 1st break. all the super turbo tourneys i have been playing miss the 1st break, a tourney that it is very retarded to sit out in, so its either miss breaks or not play them...

so i guess until FTP adjusts the schedule or changes the rules to make all tourneys go on break, (regardless of when they start) i will just play several less tourneys per day.

i am pretty sure stars will end up syncing their breaks too, as it only makes sense, and ftp will prob fine tune their system as well. BUT breaks are awesome.


i won my WSOP seat on saturday and also made a pretty good score in another tourney.

im not sure what i will be doing as far as selling pieces of myself yet, i will keep you guys updated.


i should be playing tomorrow...



BWoP said...

Congrats on the ME seat. I saw you at V during the Deep Stack ME, but you were in the roped off section. I hope all is well!

DeRustZelve said...

Has got to be a good feeling!


DeRustZelve said...
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