Friday, January 16, 2009


sorry for the lack of updates lately, i just been very busy, mostly with non-poker/ real life stuff.

the last time i posted i think i mentioned i was on a 10k downswing.

the last few days were great though, well yesterday i made 3 final tables and basically got fucked on all 3, but still finished the day up $5k so its hard to bitch. then today i also made 3 final tables taking down the satellite to the LAPC main event, and a small 20r. i also got gayed in 5th in the 50r. so i made up for the downswing and then some.

also just so you guys know, i plan on winning the LAPC because i really would like to become a FTP red name pro down the road, and that would be a great start.

i will also be selling pieces of me for this event, and since FTP seems to think it takes an extra $2k for travel and hotel, that is what i will figure my expenses are. so for each 1% i will charge $120. i feel that is fair, and if no one buys any then oh well, i already have the buy in anyways. if anyone is interested, post a comment here or email me at .

are there hookers in LA?


smokkee said...

that's awesome man. i found out about your win here 1st.

Tina and I will have to make plans to see you at Commerce.

TID stoner!

lucko said...


I'll def take 5%. Kick ass!

Instant Tragedy said...




Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I don't know how much more you are still selling but I'd take 5% also if available. Let me know, thanks.

sprstoner said...

right on, 5% is yours then.

still more available as well for others if they are interested.


sprstoner said...

recess, i just got your transfer, can you get me your email addy please?

can either post it here or just email me at

just want to make a spreadsheet with ppl who have a piece so i can be organized.

thanks man