Friday, January 30, 2009


still running shitty overall, but i did win Numbono's 10 cent rebuy. perfect.... run shitty in the stuff that matters and run good in a .10er... lol

i really slowed up playing 45 mans because how bad i been doing, i replaced the space with more stars tourneys, so im losing a lot more instead.

still dont have shit to write about.

canadians suck at poker, even more than i do.

bloggers are terrible cardplayers.

i have 21% of myself sold for the LAPC ME, if anyone else wants to buy a piece they may wanna hurry. the tourney is feb 21st with a 10k buy in, im selling 1% pieces for $120. lemme know.

been to busy for hookers, and may be for a few months.

going to try to play a lot more live poker the next few months, there is a lot of stuff going on.


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lj said...

i love the irony of calling bloggers "terrible cardplayers" (did you forget you were writing on a blog) and then asking if anyone wants a piece of you in an event. :)

i'll email you, def interested.